Friday, August 22, 2014

Mobile Advertising Revenue Growing at a Fast Pace across the World

Mobile Advertising Revenue has seen an unprecedented growth in 2013 and doubled its figures from the previous year and hit the figure of $19.3 billion. The figures were released in a recent IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Report. If the figure is broken down further, we find that the Mobile Display Ad Revenue has increased at 124%, Mobile Search Ads at 92%, and Messaging Ad Revenue at 19.4%. The regions with the top growth rates are North America (41.9%), Asia-Pacific (38.9%), and Europe (17.3%). You can read the full report at

The growing Mobile Advertising Revenue has put the Mobile Ad Medium on a faster road to winning the race of the most popular medium among the desktops and mobiles. The speculations of a fast overtake by the Mobile Advertising Medium, against the desktop medium, are set to be realized in a very fast manner. This speculation was based on the increasing popularity of the mobile devices over the desktop devices for the purpose of using internet. It was speculated that since the users are shifting towards the Mobile Platform for the use of internet, the brands will have to follow suit. This was recently confirmed on the actual grounds when the worldwide mobile spend doubled, as shown in the above facts. It is clear from the figures that though the Mobile Display Ad Revenue has increased the maximum, the investment in Mobile Search Ads is also not far behind. The amazing increase in the Mobile Search Ads is one of the most vital changes in the platform of advertising on the internet. In its beginning years, Mobile Advertising was fairly restricted to Mobile Web Banners only. However, the fantastic increase in the Mobile Search Ad revenue reflects that when users can make instant searches on their mobile phones, hardly any one of them wait to be in front of their desktops to do so.

The fast rate of increase in the Mobile Advertising Revenue spend should be taken as a clear signal to work towards a high impact presence on the Mobile Internet Platform. Associate with a good Mobile Advertising Agency to reap the complete benefits arising out of the fast face of growth shown by the medium.   

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