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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alibaba Gold Membership Available through a Reputed Internet Advertising Company is a leading ecommerce platform for buyers and sellers to meet. In order to be able to reap the benefits of Alibaba Advertising India, the sellers have to take memberships with Alibaba. The highest level of membership, which Alibaba has for sellers, is the Gold Supplier Membership.  For the purpose of the sellers being able to conveniently use the benefits of the membership, Alibaba has appointed various partners in various countries. In India, where Alibaba is targeting the SMEs (Small Medium Business Enterprises) for the memberships, it has chosen TDI International India (P) Limited, a leading Outdoor Advertising Agency and reputed Internet Advertising Company, for the role. Let us look at some of the eligibility criteria and benefits of the Gold Supplier Membership.


If you are a manufacturer, trader supplier, or exporter in India, you can apply for the Alibaba Gold Supplier Membership through TDI. Simply call at +91 98184 53031 or email at


The greatest benefit, which the Gold Supplier Membership offers, is the maximization of your exposure at a worldwide level. You now have access to and visibility before one of the largest assemblies of Buyers. There are also other benefits, available to a Gold Supplier, like Sub-Accounts for control distribution, chat with buyers, ability to contact the buyers with buying requests, priority listing, product showcase, and real-time performance analysis. The Gold Supplier Member also has tag of a “verified supplier” which lets the proceedings advance in an environment of trust.

The partnership between Alibaba and TDI is a trendsetting event. Apart from the fact that it will help the SMEs in India get full benefits of the Alibaba membership, it will also remarkably increase the scope of the Internet Advertising Companies in India.