Monday, September 1, 2014

Mobile Advertising is Simplifying Hyperlocal Marketing

Mobile advertising India
Mobile Advertising has brought in a better way of Localized Targeting or Hyper local Marketing. The use of cookies by the desktops to first determine a user and then analyze his online behavior is a time consuming process. This has been simplified with the use of Maps Application and GPS data in the mobile phones. The information of the user’s location is conveniently determined in real time. This is especially helpful when the target audience is as large and diverse as that which has to be targeted by the Mobile Advertising Agencies in India.

Now how does this work? The usual procedure involves relying on mobile applications which ask for the user’s permission to determine his location. Using these applications essentially means allowing them to perennially know your location. This information is used by the ad servers for Hyper local Marketing. GPS coordinates can be set to include the area of the planned site. Ads then can be set to anyone entering the area. Time periods can also be assigned for the Mobile Advertising Campaign. Such techniques have been found to be very effective in the Indian Advertising Industry.

The leading Mobile Advertising Agencies in Delhi are best suited for the purpose of targeting users locally. Apart from the above technique of location determining applications, the agencies in Delhi also use customized campaigns and contests to determine the users that can be re-targeted. Using the GPS coordinates along with this, takes Hyper local Marketing to a whole new level. Even businesses which target at a global level have been known to benefit from localized targeting.

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