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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mobile Advertising is Simplifying Hyperlocal Marketing

Mobile advertising India
Mobile Advertising has brought in a better way of Localized Targeting or Hyper local Marketing. The use of cookies by the desktops to first determine a user and then analyze his online behavior is a time consuming process. This has been simplified with the use of Maps Application and GPS data in the mobile phones. The information of the user’s location is conveniently determined in real time. This is especially helpful when the target audience is as large and diverse as that which has to be targeted by the Mobile Advertising Agencies in India.

Now how does this work? The usual procedure involves relying on mobile applications which ask for the user’s permission to determine his location. Using these applications essentially means allowing them to perennially know your location. This information is used by the ad servers for Hyper local Marketing. GPS coordinates can be set to include the area of the planned site. Ads then can be set to anyone entering the area. Time periods can also be assigned for the Mobile Advertising Campaign. Such techniques have been found to be very effective in the Indian Advertising Industry.

The leading Mobile Advertising Agencies in Delhi are best suited for the purpose of targeting users locally. Apart from the above technique of location determining applications, the agencies in Delhi also use customized campaigns and contests to determine the users that can be re-targeted. Using the GPS coordinates along with this, takes Hyper local Marketing to a whole new level. Even businesses which target at a global level have been known to benefit from localized targeting.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Focusing on Localization is the Key for Mobile Advertising Agencies India

Mobile  Advertising India

Mobile Advertising Agencies in India are rubbing their hands with glee as they are look at the astonishing growth of the internet subscribers in India. A statement released by TRAI in their latest performance indicator report said, "Total number of Internet subscribers including internet access by mobile device subscribers increased from 164.81 million at the end of March'13 to 198.39 million at the end of June'13, registering a quarterly growth of 20.37%". This rise opens up tremendous opportunities for Mobile Advertising Agencies India. Now, that they have a link to their target groups via mobile internet, strategies require a few changes, the most prominent of which is Localized Mobile Advertising.

Let us begin with an explanation of what is Localized Mobile Advertising. In simple terms, when a Mobile Ad of a retail outlet is displayed to the users who are near it at that moment, it is called Localized Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies in India should understand that, in India, the retail outlets still enjoy an established supremacy over the online outlets. It is for this retail sector that the growing target group of mobile internet users brings in next level of opportunities. It makes far better sense to attract the nearest consumer than to blink ads at someone who may very well have no plans to be near the outlet in the near future. Apart from bringing in the small businesses into the gambit, Localized Mobile Advertising also takes care of the growing blindness among users for the ads. Suppose you are walking by a clothing line retail outlet. Beep pops an ad on your mobile announcing the cool new ranges and discounts that the store has. That would not only grab your attention but be helpful to both you and the brand.

Keeping the discussion on the idea of monitoring of a user for another day, this technology, which makes use of global positioning systems and the internet services of the mobile network service provider, will play a major role in Mobile Advertising India (It has already done so in the developed countries). Preparing for this wave of change to hit Mobile Advertising India is the smartest thing that Mobile Advertising Agencies India can do. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Advertising through Mobile & Internet media, a successful hit!

Mobile Advertising and Online Advertising have become two latest modes of brand promotion for a wide range of brand owners and advertisers. In today’s blog, let us have a brief idea about how brand advertising through mobile and internet media has become a successful hit for various brand owners.

 Increased use of mobile and internet media

A tremendous rise in the number of mobile and internet users during the last few years has been observed. Of late, these two mediums have become quite popular amongst the masses. Be it for brand advertising or for social networking, mobile and internet media are qualitatively and quantitatively used by masses to bridge the communication gap. Mobile phones also come with embedded web browsing facilities that enables customers to access the web world anytime or anywhere. Such portability of the web world right in the pockets of customers ensures that brand messages can also be provided to them right through their mobile phones. All in all, its dual benefit for brand advertisers as the ad message can be sent either as an SMS or as an email, though the content remains the same.

 Easy accessibility and personalized reach

 A brand message sent through mobile or internet media is easily accessible by customers. Almost everyone uses a mobile phone and access internet – either for personal or professional reasons. Mobile Advertising and online advertising both convey the brand message in a personalized manner. Customers can avail of the brand message anytime they want to right at their PCs or through mobile phone devices. The brand message comes to them in such case; hence, they don’t need to rely on other advertising sources to extract any information about a particular brand. Providing rich impact as well as easy accessibility to customers, advertising through mobile and internet media is indeed a successful hit for every brand owner or advertiser.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Transformation in brand advertising through internet & mobile media

Brand Advertising through internet and mobile media has become a fast emerging mode of promotion. Modern brand owners spend heavily to launch various promotion campaigns through internet and mobile media. With an enormous digital revolution, trends of brand advertising have already evolved from the conventional norms. The launch of internet advertising and mobile advertising practices is yet another exclusive opportunity for brand owners and advertisers to provide a strong appeal about their brands amongst customers.  In the following paragraphs, let us have a brief idea how mobile and internet advertising mediums are highly in demand in the market. 

By Internet Advertising , we usually refer to any form of brand promotion that is implemented through the web world. Banner ads and PPC ads are two common forms of internet advertising. These two practices are widely deployed by various online advertising agencies to promote their client’s service or product amongst target groups. Internet advertising media is going to boom further and brand advertisers are going to highly benefit from this medium of advertising in the near future.  Content Advertising, Pay for inclusion, pay per call, pop up ads, SEO, affiliate marketing etc. are some other forms of internet advertising practices used by brand owners/advertisers. 

Mobile Advertising is a subset of mobile marketing. Any form of brand promotion that is made available through a mobile phone device comes under mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is considered one of the fast growing mediums of advertising as it provides brand messages to customers on the go. One can avail of the brand message wherever he or she is. Mobile advertising has also one added advantage over internet advertising. Customers may or may not visit a particular website and find details about a brand. However, mobile phones are the most personalized extension of any individual. Conveying the brand message through mobile media is a surest mode of advertising. Mobile phones are widely used by everyone that has made this advertising media a more effective medium of launching any promotion campaign of a product, service or business. Mobile SMS Advertising is one of the effective tools used by mobile advertisers. Low cost in nature, Mobile SMS Advertising reaches out to maximum number of customers within a minimum amount of time. Mobile SMS Advertising is infact becoming one of the hottest means of brand promotion at present.  With more than 270 million mobile users in the country, India is becoming one of the fast emerging markets for mobile advertisers. The budding numbers of various mobile advertising agencies are evident of the popularity of this medium of advertising.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the two Modern Means of Brand Advertising?

Why do brand owners advertise their brands? Obviously to generate awareness about the presence of the product and ultimately to enhance sales. The objective of every advertising campaign is to endorse the product or service of a particular company. An advertising campaign helps in creating a brand identity simultaneously serving as a successful means to keep going the communication flow. For brands that already exist in the market, advertising provides recall to customers, while for brands that are newly launched, Advertising familiarizes its image amongst the target groups and also attracts new pool of target customers. 

Advertising can be practiced through various mediums or channels. Television, radio, print, outdoor media etc are some mediums of brand promotion. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising or online advertising are two modern means of brand promotion. Brand owners have recently shifted their attention to advertise their brands through mobile media. A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a personalized means of promoting a particular brand amongst target groups. Mobile Advertising is an advantageous practice of promotion as it provides immediacy or responsiveness to customers. Mobile phones are the personalized devices of individuals. Hence, communicating through this very device provides the targeted impact on customers. In India, Mobile Advertising is a new territory discovered few years back. Brand owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately from their target customers, deploy mobile advertising campaigns. 

Internet Advertising is equally effective like mobile ads. Banner Advertising is one of the commonly practiced modes of promotion through internet media. In today’s digital world, internet advertising trends are quite in vogue. Internet advertising is advantageous as it gives the advertiser the complete control over his campaign.  Like mobile ads, internet advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing, Banner Advertising, BULK Email service etc are some common forms of online advertising.