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Monday, November 14, 2011

Why not advertise your brand through Digital Media?

Today maximum numbers of brand owners advertise their brands and business activities through online media. With a dramatic upsurge in the number of internet users in the country and across the world, online advertising campaigns such as banner advertising, social networking advertising, Wap advertising, PPC advertising etc. have become in-demand means of promoting a brand amongst target groups. If you are a brand owner who hasn’t indulged in online advertising activities, here are few reasons why you should start advertising your brand through digital media-

Maximum reach and impact amongst target customers- Digital Media is the only means of advertising through which a brand owner can reach out to maximum numbers of customers through a single promotion campaign. In today’s world almost everyone is internet savvy. Targeting their attention through an online ad is therefore an easy task for the brand owner. An online advertising campaign is also accessible by any prospective customer who visits the site where the ad is displayed. By chance or by choice, customers access the brand message that reaches them through a personalized channel i.e. their computer devices. This discreet manner of conveying the brand message is also a major asset of advertising through online media.

Fastest means of advertising- Online Advertising is the fastest means of communicating a brand message. Through digital advertising agency it is possible to launch a promotion campaign even within hours after finalizing the brand message. It is also for this reason that maximum numbers of brand and business owners these days prefer to launch their promotion campaigns through digital media.

Rich content- Another major advantage of advertising through digital media is that the brand message is communicated in a crispy manner with an attractive design or graphic. An online ad display therefore easily grasps the attention of any visitor on the site. All in all, customers also find it an interactive means of accessing any brand message.

Friday, September 23, 2011

May I Tweet your Attention please?

If you think, online advertising means are providing only an ordinary impact amongst customers, you would be proven wrong. Today, when we generally talk about brand advertising, online media is perhaps on top of every brand owner’s mind. The following paragraphs will throw some light on how online advertising is poised to be the Guru of all advertising means in today’s world.

Fun-tastic style of conveying the brand message

From fantastic means of advertising to fun-tastic techniques, Online Advertising media has proven itself as one of the top means of conveying any brand message amongst target customers. Communicating to customers in a formal manner is pass now. Today, brand owners are prone to ultra-modern styles of presenting their brand message. Perhaps it’s the changing mindset of customers or the modern norm of advertising to focus more on fun and frolic themes while communicating any brand message. Whatsoever be the condition, this fun-tastic style of advertising has taken the cake, winning maximum attention from customers.

Unswerving rendezvous with customers

Today, it is not a big deal for brand owners to tweet their customers’ attention. With social networking sites becoming a popular trend amongst individuals, brand owners have also tapped the right means of communicating their messages to customers directly in a more personalized manner.

Online Advertising practices are infact gaining more popularity amongst brand owners. Banner Advertising, Viral marketing campaigns, social networking advertising, PPC Advertising - all these have become favorite means of communicating any brand message to customers all through online media. One of the best means of bridging the gap between customers and brand owners, online advertising media will be topping the chart of all means of promotion. If you are a brand owner who hasn’t created an online presence of your brand or promoted your brand through this very media, you sure are missing something in your marketing strategy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the two Modern Means of Brand Advertising?

Why do brand owners advertise their brands? Obviously to generate awareness about the presence of the product and ultimately to enhance sales. The objective of every advertising campaign is to endorse the product or service of a particular company. An advertising campaign helps in creating a brand identity simultaneously serving as a successful means to keep going the communication flow. For brands that already exist in the market, advertising provides recall to customers, while for brands that are newly launched, Advertising familiarizes its image amongst the target groups and also attracts new pool of target customers. 

Advertising can be practiced through various mediums or channels. Television, radio, print, outdoor media etc are some mediums of brand promotion. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising or online advertising are two modern means of brand promotion. Brand owners have recently shifted their attention to advertise their brands through mobile media. A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a personalized means of promoting a particular brand amongst target groups. Mobile Advertising is an advantageous practice of promotion as it provides immediacy or responsiveness to customers. Mobile phones are the personalized devices of individuals. Hence, communicating through this very device provides the targeted impact on customers. In India, Mobile Advertising is a new territory discovered few years back. Brand owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately from their target customers, deploy mobile advertising campaigns. 

Internet Advertising is equally effective like mobile ads. Banner Advertising is one of the commonly practiced modes of promotion through internet media. In today’s digital world, internet advertising trends are quite in vogue. Internet advertising is advantageous as it gives the advertiser the complete control over his campaign.  Like mobile ads, internet advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing, Banner Advertising, BULK Email service etc are some common forms of online advertising.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Advertisers Convey the Product Gyan to Customers?

The main purpose of an advertising campaign is to convey or deliver the product gyan to those customers who have spending ability to purchase the advertised product or brand (if at all they are convinced or persuaded by the ad message). To existing customers, the product gyan will be delivered as additional information to what they already know or understand about the brand. However, for new customers the product gyan is the first source to extract an idea about the brand, its usages, features or benefits. An advertising activity educates the customers to a great extent about the product and its plus points.

Advertisers use various tools and techniques to convey the product gyan to customers. Some advertisers adopt home based tools of advertising such as television, radio, print media, internet etc, some use out of home tools of brand advertising such as billboards, posters, electronic kiosks, transit displays etc. There are again some sections of advertisers who advertise their brands through customized modes of promotion such as mobile phone devices, internet media etc. A plethora of choice in terms of media vehicle is not a big concern. As long as the brand message is delivered to customers, any means of advertising can be adopted for the promotion purpose of the brand.

In terms of techniques, advertisers are not limited to use a single technique of brand advertising. It is authentic to use any technique of Advertising if the very technique gels with the features or benefits of the brand. The only concern which advertisers should keep in mind is to launch the promotion campaign with an innovative approach. Yes, the brand communication should be themed upon an innovation so that customers find something new or different in the advertised brand. Presenting the same brand advertising idea or concept over and again to customers may probably result to boredom for the customers. A different idea of brand promotion framed as a sparkling brand communication and launched through an interactive media vehicle, that’s how a real ad campaign is launched.