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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Going Viral with Digital Advertising Promotion is the New Way to Reach Audiences

Digital Advertising Promotion has presented the industry with a new and successful trick. You must have seen and heard about certain videos and audios going viral in the internet. These often become sensations of the internet creating hype and attaining exceptionally high visibility. This concept of creating a Viral Video / Audio and launching it through SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the latest fad in the world of Digital Advertising.

Although the visibility stays for a lesser period when compared to some other forms of Digital Advertising, the reach and impact of Viral Marketing is so high that it more than achieves the goals of any promotional campaign. A spokesperson for TDI MAD (Mobile and Internet Division), a top Digital Advertising Promotion Company Delhi, says, “What can be better for a brand than having the audience itself increase the reach of the campaign through the process of sharing?” Viral Digital Advertising has made 2 prominent changes to the nature of Digital Advertising.

Firstly, it toned down the scale of sales pitch and replaced the “in-the-face, call-to-action attitude” to subtle embedding of the brand name in the video or audio. The primary reason for the audiences’ interest in watching and sharing the video or audio would lie somewhere else in the narration, presentation, etc. In most cases, the brand name would only be a subtle inclusion. Secondly, it changed the nature in which the Digital Advertising Promotion Companies had been using SMO. Social Media Optimization, which used to be just another way of posting the links of the campaigns, now was a major vehicle for the propagation of the marketing campaign. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Digital Advertising Takes the Path of Partnerships in Delhi

Digital Advertising is bringing both brands and audiences in Delhi closer to each other in unprecedented ways. The convenience of interaction as set by the medium is such high that discussions and meetings are a child’s play irrespective of where the concerned members are at a given time. This has led to a unique increase in partnerships between ecommerce and Digital Advertising Companies in providing services to the users.

Functioning of a partnership is a much easier affair today, thanks to the internet. Execution of meetings and analysis and sharing of real time progress can be done with just a few clicks. The platform of Digital Advertising is being utilized by the companies all around the world in targeting consumers in Delhi. Foreign companies are finding it immensely profitable to start and execute new operations in alliance with Digital Advertising Companies in Delhi. A partnership between a foreign company and a Digital Advertising Promotion Company Delhi is a win-win situation for both the partners and the consumers. A spokesperson for TDI MAD (Mobile and Internet Division) said, “While Digital Advertising has changed the nature of brand promotion and ecommerce did the same for business operations, they essentially use the common platform of the internet. It was thus only imminent that they would come together.” TDI MAD is a leading Digital Advertising Promotion Company in Delhi and the channel partner in India for Alibaba, Google, Yahoo, and hotstar.

The success of these partnerships, facilitated by the online world, is inspiring for such arrangements in Delhi. Digital Advertising Companies in Delhi look with expectations as these partnerships are set to be the next game changer for the medium.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Smartphones Play a Major Role in Digital Marketing India

Digital Advertising Company India
Digital Marketing in India has been influenced to a great extent by the unprecedented rise in the sales of smartphones. The figures reached a staggering 12.8 million, at a growth rate of 229% year-on-year, in the third quarter of 2013. The Digital Marketing Agencies in India duly stood up and made the necessary changes in their strategies. The results also put an end to the long standing debate on importance of Mobile Digital Marketing. Those who had opined that the growing importance of mobile phones, in the realms where Digital Marketing Techniques are formulated, was just a fluke and would not sustain, have been left eating their words.

The ways in which smartphones affect Digital Marketing are many in number. To begin with, the users have shifted to their smartphones for all sorts of communications including emails and sharing of files. The latest smartphones can effectively carry out practically all the functions of a desktop. Thus, the users prefer to carry them out from the conveniences of a smartphone. From the point of view of advertising, leaving the mobile users out of targeting is to completely leave out a major chunk of the consumers. The hopes of targeting a mobile user when he uses his desktop have been shattered as that may never happen. The smartphones, being faithful companions, also provides a huge opportunity of targeting the user at any time and at any place. Some of the latest ways in which Mobile Digital Advertising Agencies target smartphone users include campaigns embedded in games, applications, and value added services. Embedding Digital Advertisements in the applications is hugely gaining grounds as it is a non-interruptive way posting high impact campaigns.  

Thus, to begin with, the most important thing for any business to do (if not done already) is to make its website mobile compatible. Though it is true that that most smartphones are now capable of loading even the full websites, strategizing in these lines would not be an inclusive policy. At a time when competition on the Digital Advertising turf is no less than a full-fledged war, sidelining even one segment of potential consumers can translate into huge losses for businesses. Once the website (especially the landing pages) has been optimized for smartphones, the next step would be to hire an able Digital Advertising Agency with the ability to pay special attention to the requirements of mobile advertising.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Get the Most Out Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is the latest buzzword in Online Advertising circles. Digital Advertising can no longer be complete without the Advertising Campaigns run on the mobiles. Thus, it would be a good idea to invest in the services of a good Mobile Advertising Company. With current trends showing an ardent shift towards internet usage on mobiles, a Mobile Ad is a long term investment. Analysts all over the world have also confirmed that the increase in mobile internet usage does translate into increased online buying via the mobile. According to Comcast Corp., users clicked on the Mobile Ads at a rate 4 times higher than the desktop ads. As any good advertiser would know, ads work best where the consumers nest!
Thus, the immediate requirement of businesses is to focus their advertising resources into this new media which has opened up avenues hitherto unknown. Considering a few points will go a long way in tapping the new opportunities in the maximum possible manner.

Well Targeted Ads

One of the key areas which have seen a revolutionary change with the introduction of Advertising on Mobiles is market segmentation. It is no longer necessary to rely on the age old methods of surveys in order to determine the segments of the market. Internet Marketing had already started studying the behavior of the users and forming segments based on the frequency of the websites visited. Mobile Advertising increased the accuracy of this segmentation. Since the mobile is a personal device, the analysts can be sure that the calculations being done pertain to a single user. Better market segmentation leads to better targeted ads which in return result in better conversion rates.

Utilize New Techniques    

Advertising on Mobile opened up new techniques of getting in touch with the companies. For example, click to call and voice and key pad interactions were not feasible with desktop ads. Make sure that these techniques are utilized.

Play Smart

Utilize concepts of interstitial ads so as to avoid evoking irritation in the consumer. Flash Games, Interactive Competitions, etc. can also be used to good effects.

Even as some analysts are still apprehensive on the future of this medium, the figures are very reassuring.  Focusing on a few simple areas like the above can go a long way in getting the most out of mobile advertising.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tips For Internet Advertisements

Ever since the internet entered households in the 1990s, it has changed the scenario of communication and business. The associated services also underwent sea changes in order to adjust to the change in technology. The world of advertising was no different. With the consumers becoming glued to their desktops and mobiles rather than the TV or the newspaper, the age of Internet Advertisements has arrived. Advertisers are fast learning the concepts and the factors which drive this new platform. Here are a few tips which can increase the profitability of posting ads in the digital world:


Internet Advertisements or Digital Advertisements opened up possibilities hitherto impossible. However, it also intensified the dangers of irritating the consumers. This danger had already set up shop with TV advertisements. However, at least they were in between the programs. Advertisements on the Internet are usually placed on a website or alongside applications. Thus, it is very important to maintain the relevance of the ads. This can be established by studying the user’s preferences of the websites he visits and games and applications he uses. Intelligent placement of interstitial ads, which do not disturb the user during actual usage of any application, is also an effective solution.

SEO/Web Development

An ad put up on the internet is only the first step in the process of Digital Advertising. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a must in order to ensure that prospective buyers find the ads when they search for the relevant product or service. An active Web Development team is also necessary as the relevance of the landing pages are as important as that of the ads.

Think Out of the Box

With the hundreds of new advertising possibilities introduced by Internet Advertising, out of the box ideas and their efficient implementations can work wonders for the Internet Advertising Campaigns. The opportunities are not merely technical. New ways of putting up even the old forms of Online Advertising like Internet Banner Advertising and Video Campaigns can be created.

Don’t Forget the Mobile

With more and more consumers shifting to mobiles for the use of the internet, Mobile Advertising Campaigns, targeted at the mobile users, are as important as their desktop counterparts.
It is always a good idea to hire the services of a good Online Advertising Agency like MAD Advertising Agency Delhi. A top Web Advertising Agency, providing separate attention to Mobile Advertising Campaigns, with an expert SEO team and Creative Blog Designs, MAD is a popular name in Online Advertising.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Go the Digital Way

Online marketing as the name suggests itself is nothing but internet marketing. This is the age of digital media. We are coming across so many forms of digitization these days that it is hard to decide which the best form of digital media is. Internet has always been useful to all of us since its introduction in our lives. And gradually online media turned into one of the most essential part of our daily lives. And now we have entered a phase where internet has become the base of many business opportunities. It has expanded its use from searching to chatting, from spreading news to forming groups and from informing to advertising. Multiple benefits of online blessing has given rise to various types of new terms related to marketing like SEO, SEM, PPC etc. The basic principle of every promotional tool via Online Marketing is the use of internet to provide promotions to reach a wide range of consumers. Search Engine Marketing abbreviated as SEM basically means gaining traffic through paid search. An efficient Search Engine Marketing professional should do qualitative keyword research, recommendations for keywords, check on results and regulate operations accordingly. SEM is a broader subject that integrates Search Engine Optimization

A strong shot in the advertising sphere is digital media which has emerged into a wide industry sector. If we go for a statistics analysis in ad industry, digital advertising has seen the highest growth rate than any other medium in the past one year. Digital media has undoubtedly taken a chief share in the quiche of ad world by providing unique features like Web Solutions, Online Marketing, Digital films and documentaries, Games, Web analytic and a lot more. The process of Digital advertising is performed by a digital marketing agency. Some companies have an in-house digital marketing agency while some prefer to go for a top digital media agency in the market.

A Top Digital Media Advertising Agency is not hard to find these days as the market is loaded with many of them. But the problem lies in the fact that every digital advertising agency claims to be the top digital agency. Therefore it is necessary to do a research about the status of every agency even it is the only top digital advertising agency present in your vicinity.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Digital Media- A fast emerging means of brand advertising!

Digital Advertising involves any form of brand promotion that uses the internet or World Wide Web to communicate the marketing message to attract customers’ attention. Digital ad campaigns are planned, executed and serviced by a Digital Advertising Agency. In due course of time, digital advertising practices have become a fast emerging trend of promotion. Therefore the role of a digital advertising agency has also equally increased over the years. Launched through a digital media, any form of online ad such as contextual ads on search engine result pages, banner ads, rich media ads, online classified ads, viral ads, social networking ads, e-mail ads, newsletter ads etc. all these come under Digital Advertising practices. Most of the digital ads are delivered by an ad server. 

Digital media is considered advantageous over conventional means of brand advertising. One of the major benefits of advertising through digital media is the immediate publishing of any information or content that is not limited to a particular geographic location. Any brand message shared on internet is accessible by anyone. This global appeal of digital advertising is yet another reason that has made it a fast growing means of promotion.

Online Advertising also provides efficiency of advertiser’s investment. One can also customize one’s brand message accordingly to the promotional requirements.  Internet has become a fast emerging source as well as means for modern customers and advertisers respectively. A web presence of a brand is considered an important marketing strategy to effectively position the brand on customers’ mind and also for customers to find out details about any brand. A raging trend amongst the brand owners, a web presence of a brand ensures an ongoing communication between brand owners and customers through any World Wide Web site.  By and by, it takes only few minutes or hours to launch an online campaign provided the advertiser has an affordable budget and resource. Thus every communication gap is tapped through digital media in today’s world- which is yet another advantage of digital advertising.