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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Going Viral with Digital Advertising Promotion is the New Way to Reach Audiences

Digital Advertising Promotion has presented the industry with a new and successful trick. You must have seen and heard about certain videos and audios going viral in the internet. These often become sensations of the internet creating hype and attaining exceptionally high visibility. This concept of creating a Viral Video / Audio and launching it through SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the latest fad in the world of Digital Advertising.

Although the visibility stays for a lesser period when compared to some other forms of Digital Advertising, the reach and impact of Viral Marketing is so high that it more than achieves the goals of any promotional campaign. A spokesperson for TDI MAD (Mobile and Internet Division), a top Digital Advertising Promotion Company Delhi, says, “What can be better for a brand than having the audience itself increase the reach of the campaign through the process of sharing?” Viral Digital Advertising has made 2 prominent changes to the nature of Digital Advertising.

Firstly, it toned down the scale of sales pitch and replaced the “in-the-face, call-to-action attitude” to subtle embedding of the brand name in the video or audio. The primary reason for the audiences’ interest in watching and sharing the video or audio would lie somewhere else in the narration, presentation, etc. In most cases, the brand name would only be a subtle inclusion. Secondly, it changed the nature in which the Digital Advertising Promotion Companies had been using SMO. Social Media Optimization, which used to be just another way of posting the links of the campaigns, now was a major vehicle for the propagation of the marketing campaign.