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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get The Best Out of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertisements or Click through Advertisements are considered by many as the original form of Web Advertising. Even now, Banner Advertising is one of the most popular forms of Online Advertising. Thus, it is very important to make sure that your business is making the most of Banner Advertising. However, due to a few disadvantages of this medium, the returns get severely affected. Such scenarios can be avoided by taking care of a few simple but often overlooked facts.

Clutter Effect

Through the years, Banner Advertising has incorporated the new opportunities made available by advancements in technology. The ads can now also be positioned at any section of the webpage apart from the top row that they had traditionally occupied. It is very common to find Banner Ads at the sides or the bottom of the page nowadays. This opportunity, when overused, creates a clutter of ads which leaves the user annoyed. There are websites, who in the enthusiasm of utilizing Banner Ads fill the pages with so many ads that it becomes inconvenient for the user to read the content. Banner Advertisements should thus be used intelligently in a manner that does not impede the primary reason of the user being at the page.


A relevant Ad has more chances of getting clicked than a randomly placed ad. A Web Banner on car insurance is more likely to get clicked on the website of a car seller than on the website of a marriage bureau. If your company deals in multiple products or services, it is important to ensure that banner leads to the relevant page of the company’s website. Do not focus just on the home page.


One of the many issues ailing Banner Advertisements is the case of the thousands of the banners leading to porn sites. There is a growing distrust among average users for the same. It would be good idea to attain the trust of the user through the content displayed in the ad.

Web Banner Advertising, when used intelligently, is still one of the most profitable forms of Internet Advertising. Using it wisely can result in profitable returns at the lowest of costs. Thus, the Banner Advertising Services of the Web Advertising Agency you are planning to hire should be scrutinized carefully.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Online Advertising!

Do you believe in advantages of online advertising? Internet advertising is a very beneficial means of promotion as compared to other mediums, let us find out how?

Internet Advertising delivers a universal Appeal

Internet is a universal medium. Campaign on internet advertising is noticeable by any potential customer. One may launch an advertising campaign for his brand in India but the brand message is visible by anyone across the world. The objective of the promotion campaign varies from brand to brand. Different owners have different objectives, targeting customers and budgets. For such brand owners, no medium is better than online advertising campaign as this is the easiest and fastest means to reach out to lacs of prospective customers across the globe at the same time. An Internet Advertising campaign is an effective means to reach out to a wide target audience. Internet Advertising is a well-targeted means of conveying a brand message. One can easily reach out to a bulk target group. A profitable campaign helps the brand owner to generate relevant leads and thus increase the ROI. 

An affordable means of promotion

An advertising campaign launched through internet media is not an expensive mode. It entirely depends on the budget or affordability of the brand owner. The brand owner can plan his campaign according to his pocket, his objective and the targeted customers and can optimize it to create the right impact among consumers. One can also launch free advertising campaigns on sites where one doesn’t have to pay a penny.

Control of brand owners on the campaign

A brand owner has complete control on the details of the campaign whether time, date, budget, geographical locations, TG. The brand owner can himself trace the impact of the campaign and decide whether he should continue it or not. Or what all changes can be made to increase the campaign performance. A lot of effective analytic tools are available to measure the impact or reach of online advertising campaigns. This helps advertisers in improvising the ads. One has complete control on the brand message which is a major strength of Banner Advertising through online media. And this is one of the main reasons that have stimulated many brand owners to opt for online advertising.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Online Advertising & its types!

Online Advertising is a paid form of communication about a product or business. An internet advertising campaign therefore needs an identified and typically paid sponsor who will take responsibility of the entire promotion campaign. Internet Advertising is of various types. In the following paragraphs, a few types of online advertising are discussed. Have a look.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is preferred by online advertisers. Banner ads are either horizontal or vertical. You might have come across many banner ads that highlight a particular company’s name, services or offers. A Banner Advertising campaign provides effective branding solutions for a product if effectively launched.

Pop Up Ads
Whenever you visit a particular website, you get a notification or a warning on your browser about it being blocked a pop up asking you to enable it. On other websites, you come across similar pop up ads right as soon as you log on the website. These pop ups are shown before you can view the content of the page. Pop up ads are used by advertisers to draw attention of customers.  However, some customers find this type of online advertising quite pestering. One can customize the web browser to enable pop ups or not. Hence, it is the choice of any customer to view or avoid the pop up ads.

Newsletters & Emails

Sending emails and newsletters is another popular trend of promoting a brand or business to the target groups. Emails or newsletters pick up random email addresses of target customers and communicate the brand message in a bulk manner. Newsletters are however sent only to those who subscribe to them.

Classified Ads

Various websites are exclusively dedicated for classified ads. An online classified ad is just like a print classified ad but for the difference in the medium. A brand or business owner can post classified ads of his business to attract customers from time to time.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Digital Media- A fast emerging means of brand advertising!

Digital Advertising involves any form of brand promotion that uses the internet or World Wide Web to communicate the marketing message to attract customers’ attention. Digital ad campaigns are planned, executed and serviced by a Digital Advertising Agency. In due course of time, digital advertising practices have become a fast emerging trend of promotion. Therefore the role of a digital advertising agency has also equally increased over the years. Launched through a digital media, any form of online ad such as contextual ads on search engine result pages, banner ads, rich media ads, online classified ads, viral ads, social networking ads, e-mail ads, newsletter ads etc. all these come under Digital Advertising practices. Most of the digital ads are delivered by an ad server. 

Digital media is considered advantageous over conventional means of brand advertising. One of the major benefits of advertising through digital media is the immediate publishing of any information or content that is not limited to a particular geographic location. Any brand message shared on internet is accessible by anyone. This global appeal of digital advertising is yet another reason that has made it a fast growing means of promotion.

Online Advertising also provides efficiency of advertiser’s investment. One can also customize one’s brand message accordingly to the promotional requirements.  Internet has become a fast emerging source as well as means for modern customers and advertisers respectively. A web presence of a brand is considered an important marketing strategy to effectively position the brand on customers’ mind and also for customers to find out details about any brand. A raging trend amongst the brand owners, a web presence of a brand ensures an ongoing communication between brand owners and customers through any World Wide Web site.  By and by, it takes only few minutes or hours to launch an online campaign provided the advertiser has an affordable budget and resource. Thus every communication gap is tapped through digital media in today’s world- which is yet another advantage of digital advertising. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Brand owners prefer online advertising over other mediums

Online advertising has developed as one of the most effective means of promoting a brand or a service to a mass. Ever increasing growth of information on the internet has also increased the amount of time people spend on it. Today every company or agency in the world try their level best to position their brands in the market through internet marketing.

Internet is a very affordable mode of launching an ad campaign of a brand, service or business as compared to other mediums of Advertising. Brand owners with a limited budget, can also utilize the internet advertising to its best as compared to traditional methods of advertising. One such advertising like Banner Advertising campaign is very reasonable.
Media like Internet Advertising is a targeted form of increasing the brand awareness amongst the customers. Internet advertising offers some great methods that insure that those who see the brand ads are the ones who are most likely to purchase it. This is very helpful for those companies that target a specific market. Programs like Google AdSense and Ad words help the advertisers to target their audience very specifically. Advertisers heavily rely on internet media to promote their brands. 

Advertising through Online media also enhances the good conversion tracking of the promotion campaigns and that too at the simple access of a console whereas the tracking of the reach of a television or newspaper ad is difficult. Internet advertising allows advertisers to track the number of visitors who visited/visit the page from particular ad that make it easy to see what kind of conversion rates a particular ad is getting. It is very easy to have a detailed report of number of visits/page, unique visitors, time spent on the page, location of the user visiting the page and much more. It helps the advertiser to easily track the campaign and optimize it as and when required. For this very reason the modern brand owners prefer to launch their promotion campaigns through online media. It has also been acclaimed as one such medium that generates good revenue of a brand or business owner.