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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get The Best Out of Banner Advertising

Banner Advertisements or Click through Advertisements are considered by many as the original form of Web Advertising. Even now, Banner Advertising is one of the most popular forms of Online Advertising. Thus, it is very important to make sure that your business is making the most of Banner Advertising. However, due to a few disadvantages of this medium, the returns get severely affected. Such scenarios can be avoided by taking care of a few simple but often overlooked facts.

Clutter Effect

Through the years, Banner Advertising has incorporated the new opportunities made available by advancements in technology. The ads can now also be positioned at any section of the webpage apart from the top row that they had traditionally occupied. It is very common to find Banner Ads at the sides or the bottom of the page nowadays. This opportunity, when overused, creates a clutter of ads which leaves the user annoyed. There are websites, who in the enthusiasm of utilizing Banner Ads fill the pages with so many ads that it becomes inconvenient for the user to read the content. Banner Advertisements should thus be used intelligently in a manner that does not impede the primary reason of the user being at the page.


A relevant Ad has more chances of getting clicked than a randomly placed ad. A Web Banner on car insurance is more likely to get clicked on the website of a car seller than on the website of a marriage bureau. If your company deals in multiple products or services, it is important to ensure that banner leads to the relevant page of the company’s website. Do not focus just on the home page.


One of the many issues ailing Banner Advertisements is the case of the thousands of the banners leading to porn sites. There is a growing distrust among average users for the same. It would be good idea to attain the trust of the user through the content displayed in the ad.

Web Banner Advertising, when used intelligently, is still one of the most profitable forms of Internet Advertising. Using it wisely can result in profitable returns at the lowest of costs. Thus, the Banner Advertising Services of the Web Advertising Agency you are planning to hire should be scrutinized carefully.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the two Modern Means of Brand Advertising?

Why do brand owners advertise their brands? Obviously to generate awareness about the presence of the product and ultimately to enhance sales. The objective of every advertising campaign is to endorse the product or service of a particular company. An advertising campaign helps in creating a brand identity simultaneously serving as a successful means to keep going the communication flow. For brands that already exist in the market, advertising provides recall to customers, while for brands that are newly launched, Advertising familiarizes its image amongst the target groups and also attracts new pool of target customers. 

Advertising can be practiced through various mediums or channels. Television, radio, print, outdoor media etc are some mediums of brand promotion. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising or online advertising are two modern means of brand promotion. Brand owners have recently shifted their attention to advertise their brands through mobile media. A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a personalized means of promoting a particular brand amongst target groups. Mobile Advertising is an advantageous practice of promotion as it provides immediacy or responsiveness to customers. Mobile phones are the personalized devices of individuals. Hence, communicating through this very device provides the targeted impact on customers. In India, Mobile Advertising is a new territory discovered few years back. Brand owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately from their target customers, deploy mobile advertising campaigns. 

Internet Advertising is equally effective like mobile ads. Banner Advertising is one of the commonly practiced modes of promotion through internet media. In today’s digital world, internet advertising trends are quite in vogue. Internet advertising is advantageous as it gives the advertiser the complete control over his campaign.  Like mobile ads, internet advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing, Banner Advertising, BULK Email service etc are some common forms of online advertising.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Can a Unique Advertising idea create your Brand Image?

Advertising is one of the most used and effective tools of marketing. Every brand that is present in the market needs to be advertised and is advertised- firstly to generate awareness about its presence, secondly to persuade customers to buy or adopt and enhance revenue of the organization. Advertising can never be neglected or ignored. As long as the marketing trends continue, advertising will always be an important tool for any brand to create its own story in the market. 

Various emerging brand owners ponder over this question i.e. can a unique advertising idea create your brand image? The answers are explained through the following paragraphs.
A brand offers various features or benefits to its customers. These features and benefits need to be highlighted, talked or shared with customers. The advertiser has to anyways provide the brand message through an advertising campaign. What matters is how the advertiser presents or conveys the brand message. Presenting the brand message just for the sake of advertising is a must avoid strategy for any advertiser.  The brand message has to be presented in an interesting manner (doesn’t necessarily mean talking pompously about the brand). It is a must to keep the brand message simple yet interesting. Talk about relevant features that will excite customers’ interest.  Invent a story, add some personal themes and make customers feel how relevant that brand story is with their own lives. For all these, a unique idea is to be seeded. The idea later becomes a story and through that very story the brand message is delivered to customers. 

If the Brand Advertising idea is good enough, it is easier to create a lasting image about the brand. A lasting impression indirectly signifies probable sales of the brand meanwhile persuading customers to adopt the same. Needless to mention again that no matter which tool and technique one uses, a unique advertising idea is all it takes to create one’s brand image.