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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why is Mobile Advertising in India an Absolute Must in Your Branding?

Mobile Advertising India

Mobile Advertising is the most modern platform for promotional activities. This medium revolutionized personalized advertising and increased the scope of branding. Branding through Mobile Advertising comes with the potential of beginning a relationship with the audiences. When Mobile Advertising hit India, the Indian markets presented opportunities which were unique to them. These opportunities have created a situation where no branding exercise in India is complete without Mobile Advertising.

The first unique characteristic, which target-sections in India have, is the mind-boggling diversity. Nowhere in the world, can such a diverse audience be found as is found in India. Due to the diversity, it becomes very difficult to target all audience sections in India with the same campaign. The mobile platform provides the opportunity to create personalized campaigns and conversations with the audiences. This is a blessing for targeting markets in India as it increases the impact of the campaign.

The discussed media also brings the possibility of targeting a particular section at the most appropriate period of time. In a country where the average lifestyle is marked by busy times, approaching the consumer at the wrong time may be a dangerous proposition. It may irritate the consumer creating a negative brand impression. Taking up Mobile Advertising in India is a feasible way to analyze and make use of the best periods in the day to solicit to various audience segments.

Modern Indian audiences are mobile savvy in nature. With the boom in the Smartphone market in India, every income threshold has been touched by internet enabled mobiles. Mobile Advertising platform is the sole platform where the Indian audiences can be definitely reached. Leaving out Mobile Advertising from a brand’s marketing plan is thus ignoring the most reliable platform of communicating with the audiences.

India has a budding mobile industry. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), mobile phone subscribers are growing at a rate of 6.71% and have reached 980 million users in the second quarter of 2015. Furthermore, users who access the internet through their mobiles will double from the current 159 million to 314 million by 2017. With this, the platform for accessing the internet is changing to mobiles at a very fast rate. It would be a wise move to shift the promotions of the brand accordingly.

Mobile Advertising has the most personal channels of communication with the user’s viz. internet, SMS and calls. With the ability to measure the performance of a campaign at real time, and the analysis of user mobile behavior now possible, Mobile Advertising can work wonders among the Indian audiences.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Best Tactics For Enhancing your website’s Search Engine Positioning

All website owners are searching for approaches to obtain superior results from their websites. They wish to enhance their site's standing and earn better rankings in search engines. This journey for enhanced results, known as search engine positioning, can be fulfilled by taking after a couple of essential techniques.
Before you go ahead, you need to understand that you are contending with a huge number of websites offering similar comparable products and services.

1.       Ensure that your design is Search Engine Friendly:
seo company india

Your design may look great to your eyes, yet it might likewise be the reason for your present troubles and poor search Engine Positioning. How could that be? Take a gander at your webpage utilizing a content tool or the HTML perspective of famous editors. For instance, Dreamweaver and FrontPage. On what line does your first line of duplicate start? If your actual copy is pushed far down the page, it is more strenuous for search engines to pick up the pivotal information that would have helped you to advance your web page ranking.

On the off chance that you have this trouble, first take out every single unnecessary space in the HTML code. If there are long strings of java script, place these in external files. So also, put style data in outer Cascading Style Sheet files. Disentangling your table structure might likewise offer assistance. If this begins getting excessively convoluted for you, then counsel with a search engine positioning expert or your web designer.

2.      Ensure your keywords are deliberately put in your content:
search engine positioning
It is unrealistic to enhance web page positioning if the content on your web page does not contain the words you wish to be found by. Many people mistakenly feel that simply putting your essential keywords in meta tags is sufficient. Ensure that your vital content is in the first passage of content, in features (utilizing headers, for example, H1, H2, H3) and in the dynamic or hyper links content on your page.

3.      Use a site map and text link navigation on your pages:

If you need to enhance your search engine positioning for all the pages of your site then you must make certain that these pages absolutely gets indexed into the web search tools. You can help this procedure along by making a site map, a web page that has text links to all the sub pages of your web page. Another great practice is to add a hyper link on your web pages, regardless of the fact that you as of now have a graphic based navigation bar somewhere else on these same pages. Keep in mind, Search Engine tools take after content connections all the more effortlessly. A robot that grounds on your principle page or site guide page will take after the content connections and after that visit and file your lower level pages.

4.      Boost the amount and quality of inbound links:
link building

In fiercely competitive categories it will be hard to enhance web page positioning without getting a good number of links to your page from different websites. If you have great and important content, different sites may links to you because you are a beneficial resource. In any case, on the off chance that you need to speed this procedure along you will need to effectively requests links from different sites, either by trading links or exchanging links or by getting your content (with link back to your web page) set on different sites.

When it comes to links you ought to remember one imp. standard: it is the amount of quality links that is vital, but not the quantity of links. One great link from a high page rank site, for example, CNN or Wikipedia is worth more than many connections from other different websites. To get these quality connections, there is no easy route. You will need to earn it by having a site that gives considerable information.

5.      Stay up with Search Engine Developments:

The challenge of enhancing your web page ranking and Search engine positioning is dynamic. Search Engines are not static. You ought to stay aware of changes in the world of Search Engine by taking part in online forums or subscribing to newsletters which manage subjects, for example, SEO, Web Ranking and general website related issues.

If you don't have the proficiency or an ideal opportunity to handle these matters independently then you should take advantage of Adroit professionals who can help you to enhance your site's performance in search engines.  Whether you depend on experts or can do it without anyone Else's help, these five tactics can give a decent perspective for beginning the work.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Focusing on Localization is the Key for Mobile Advertising Agencies India

Mobile  Advertising India

Mobile Advertising Agencies in India are rubbing their hands with glee as they are look at the astonishing growth of the internet subscribers in India. A statement released by TRAI in their latest performance indicator report said, "Total number of Internet subscribers including internet access by mobile device subscribers increased from 164.81 million at the end of March'13 to 198.39 million at the end of June'13, registering a quarterly growth of 20.37%". This rise opens up tremendous opportunities for Mobile Advertising Agencies India. Now, that they have a link to their target groups via mobile internet, strategies require a few changes, the most prominent of which is Localized Mobile Advertising.

Let us begin with an explanation of what is Localized Mobile Advertising. In simple terms, when a Mobile Ad of a retail outlet is displayed to the users who are near it at that moment, it is called Localized Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies in India should understand that, in India, the retail outlets still enjoy an established supremacy over the online outlets. It is for this retail sector that the growing target group of mobile internet users brings in next level of opportunities. It makes far better sense to attract the nearest consumer than to blink ads at someone who may very well have no plans to be near the outlet in the near future. Apart from bringing in the small businesses into the gambit, Localized Mobile Advertising also takes care of the growing blindness among users for the ads. Suppose you are walking by a clothing line retail outlet. Beep pops an ad on your mobile announcing the cool new ranges and discounts that the store has. That would not only grab your attention but be helpful to both you and the brand.

Keeping the discussion on the idea of monitoring of a user for another day, this technology, which makes use of global positioning systems and the internet services of the mobile network service provider, will play a major role in Mobile Advertising India (It has already done so in the developed countries). Preparing for this wave of change to hit Mobile Advertising India is the smartest thing that Mobile Advertising Agencies India can do. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the two Modern Means of Brand Advertising?

Why do brand owners advertise their brands? Obviously to generate awareness about the presence of the product and ultimately to enhance sales. The objective of every advertising campaign is to endorse the product or service of a particular company. An advertising campaign helps in creating a brand identity simultaneously serving as a successful means to keep going the communication flow. For brands that already exist in the market, advertising provides recall to customers, while for brands that are newly launched, Advertising familiarizes its image amongst the target groups and also attracts new pool of target customers. 

Advertising can be practiced through various mediums or channels. Television, radio, print, outdoor media etc are some mediums of brand promotion. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising or online advertising are two modern means of brand promotion. Brand owners have recently shifted their attention to advertise their brands through mobile media. A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a personalized means of promoting a particular brand amongst target groups. Mobile Advertising is an advantageous practice of promotion as it provides immediacy or responsiveness to customers. Mobile phones are the personalized devices of individuals. Hence, communicating through this very device provides the targeted impact on customers. In India, Mobile Advertising is a new territory discovered few years back. Brand owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately from their target customers, deploy mobile advertising campaigns. 

Internet Advertising is equally effective like mobile ads. Banner Advertising is one of the commonly practiced modes of promotion through internet media. In today’s digital world, internet advertising trends are quite in vogue. Internet advertising is advantageous as it gives the advertiser the complete control over his campaign.  Like mobile ads, internet advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing, Banner Advertising, BULK Email service etc are some common forms of online advertising.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help your Business Flourish with Online Advertising

Advertising is undeniably an essential step to lure several customers for any successful business and if taken in a broader sense, anything which promotes one’s business can be considered ‘advertising’. Whether it is a brochure, booth at some trade show or radio spot, positive advertising always helps the business. However, usually such advertisements refer to paid marketable messages in magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, television and radio or in outdoor promotion.

These days, Mobile Advertising is also gaining huge preference as with this, business owners can reach to the consumers and prospective buyers directly and can send an attractive message using SMS to gain space in their target market.
Among all different assortments of business promotion, Internet Advertising is perhaps the most preferred alternative for most entrepreneurs because they comprehend; to be truly flourishing in today’s competitive business scenario, it is absolutely important to carry out some detailed online advertising.

Benefits of advertising India
If one runs a business, or is planning to start one, then it shall always be favorable to take into account advertising on the web. It will provide maximum exposure to the business at very little or no cost at all, because there are so many free advertising options available on the internet. In addition, one can also incorporate videos, appealing text and audio that can be presented in numerous ways alongside good choice of graphics.
  • Ad words: One can opt for publishing ads on ‘Google’s Adwords’ where one has to pay a little amount to every visitor who clicks on the ad consisting of maximum hundred words.
  • Adsense: While promoting own services or products on a web page, one can also allow other firms to place their ads and get paid for every click made by visitors.
Affiliate advertising India is another technique of giving links to some other business’s services or products on own web page, or one can also combine this technique in Adsense. Moreover, one can also opt for SEO along with advertising so as to gain sound web presence.
Notwithstanding web advertising, mobile advertising is also considered a useful alternative because of its immense significant advantages. With SMS Mobile Advertising, one can get:
  • Massive exposure to business
  • Rapid access to audience
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Ultimate convenience
The most important benefit is that mobile advertising is Eco friendly (paper free), and by opting for this, one can help the planet earth.
Lastly, banner advertising is also an efficient and cost effective technique of marketing services and products of a business firm. These ads give immense traffic to the site as just one mouse button click is enough to provide customers with huge information about the company’s services and products.
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