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Monday, August 25, 2014

Internet Advertising in India going Viral through Videos

Internet Advertising India
Internet Advertising India, like the rest of the world has seen tremendous changes in trends, especially in the later stages of last year. A platform which was highly popular for running web banners was soon introduced to the concept of viral videos. Since then, Viral Videos have been a staple offering of Internet Advertising.

Viral Videos are run on the concept that a video can attract at a much higher rate than the other forms of displays. It is best suited from the point of view of innovation too as different story lines can be readily explored without the risk of turning them too complicated for the user’s comprehension. With free messenger apps and social medium platforms being highly popular among youngsters, getting your brand’s promotional video to go viral is the ideal thing to do. If the video is made in a way that youngsters can identify with at least some aspect of it, they will readily share it with their friends, at both the platforms of social media and messengers. The brand message is inserted subtly into the video and the purpose of promotion served. Viral Videos are especially popular service among Internet Advertising Agencies in India due to the presence of tech savvy youngsters.

Higher impact, at a lesser implementation cost and maintenance, makes Viral Video Campaigns a hot favorite among brands. The creative team of the Internet Advertising Agencies also gets a larger canvas to paint its ideas on. Such videos can also be uploaded to various video posting forums in order to gain additional visibility.   

Monday, April 28, 2014

Internet Advertising the Best Way of Reaching Youngsters in India

India is often referred to, as a young nation. This is primarily because 75% of the nation’s population is under the age of 35 years. When we consider that most of these audience groups of youngsters are computer enthusiasts, Internet Advertising comes up as the best way to reach them. With India toppling the USA, in 2010, as the nation with the maximum number of English speakers, companies from across the world have turned their eyes towards the country. The search for a Media, that can reach the masses in India, has resulted in the anointment of Online Advertising as the most appropriate way of targeting the youngsters.

Most of the youngsters are regular internet users and can be easily found online, especially at specific periods of the day. Targeting them with Internet Advertising is the most effective way of reaching as many as possible for the lowest of costs. Additionally, since the Internet Ads can be customized according to the preferences of the internet user, the impact and the conversions are also higher than the other media. Due to the manifold advances in software and increase in the capacities of hardware, Internet Advertising has a larger span of activities. The ways and methods in which Internet Ads can be delivered to the user continue to increase innovatively. It can be ensured that the products and services are not only advertised but the queries are also anticipated and answered. This ability to distinguish, what the target audience is engaged in at the moment, is vital while targeting youngsters. This is because most of the twenty-first century youths are found playing multiple roles. Targeting youngsters in India is essentially targeting an audience, for most of whom, their internet profiles are the only constant attributes. Thus, the internet is the most well placed medium to target youngsters in India.

Attracting the youngsters in India is a long term investment, as their number is set to grow in the coming years. According to a report by “State of the Urban Youth, India 2012: Employment, Livelihoods, Skills”, by 2020, India will be the youngest country in the world, with 64% of the total population in the working age group. The Top Internet Advertising Agencies in India smell this opportunity and are geared up to handle a larger target audience base in the coming years.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Digital Media- A fast emerging means of brand advertising!

Digital Advertising involves any form of brand promotion that uses the internet or World Wide Web to communicate the marketing message to attract customers’ attention. Digital ad campaigns are planned, executed and serviced by a Digital Advertising Agency. In due course of time, digital advertising practices have become a fast emerging trend of promotion. Therefore the role of a digital advertising agency has also equally increased over the years. Launched through a digital media, any form of online ad such as contextual ads on search engine result pages, banner ads, rich media ads, online classified ads, viral ads, social networking ads, e-mail ads, newsletter ads etc. all these come under Digital Advertising practices. Most of the digital ads are delivered by an ad server. 

Digital media is considered advantageous over conventional means of brand advertising. One of the major benefits of advertising through digital media is the immediate publishing of any information or content that is not limited to a particular geographic location. Any brand message shared on internet is accessible by anyone. This global appeal of digital advertising is yet another reason that has made it a fast growing means of promotion.

Online Advertising also provides efficiency of advertiser’s investment. One can also customize one’s brand message accordingly to the promotional requirements.  Internet has become a fast emerging source as well as means for modern customers and advertisers respectively. A web presence of a brand is considered an important marketing strategy to effectively position the brand on customers’ mind and also for customers to find out details about any brand. A raging trend amongst the brand owners, a web presence of a brand ensures an ongoing communication between brand owners and customers through any World Wide Web site.  By and by, it takes only few minutes or hours to launch an online campaign provided the advertiser has an affordable budget and resource. Thus every communication gap is tapped through digital media in today’s world- which is yet another advantage of digital advertising. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mobile and Internet - Two Absolute Means of Advertising.

The medium or channel of advertising plays a major role while trying to position a new or existing brand in the market. Of late, two mediums of advertising are becoming chosen means of brand promotion for numerous number of brand advertisers. These two means of advertising are none other than Mobile Advertising and internet advertising media. Providing personalized promotion solutions for brand owners, mobile and internet advertising media have taken the cake amongst the various tools of brand marketing.

Considered as two customer-friendly means of communication, mobile and internet advertising media provide the brand message to receivers or customers through a personalized device such as a mobile phone or an internet accessible device. Also with mobile-internet facilities recently launched, advertisers have reaped maximum benefits through mobile and Internet Advertising Campaigns that are easily accessible by customers right in their handsets or through personal computer devices. The launch of wireless internet connection devices is also another asset of internet advertisers to communicate to customers without any reliability on any wired-internet connection. Customers who log on to a particular website can easily access the brand message that is displayed on the site. One major asset of advertising through internet media is that customers have complete controllability over the brand message. No force is exerted to read the brand message. It is their sole choice whether they read the brand message or click close button to skip reading it and resume to what they were previously doing.

A personalized and customized mode of advertising any brand message, mobile and internet advertising media are rightfully accredited as two absolute means of brand advertising. Much growth is further expected in mobile and internet advertising domain considering the burgeoning market plus the rising number of brands almost every day. For those brand owners who haven’t launched their promotion campaigns through any of these two media, they are missing out something in their marketing strategy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help your Business Flourish with Online Advertising

Advertising is undeniably an essential step to lure several customers for any successful business and if taken in a broader sense, anything which promotes one’s business can be considered ‘advertising’. Whether it is a brochure, booth at some trade show or radio spot, positive advertising always helps the business. However, usually such advertisements refer to paid marketable messages in magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, television and radio or in outdoor promotion.

These days, Mobile Advertising is also gaining huge preference as with this, business owners can reach to the consumers and prospective buyers directly and can send an attractive message using SMS to gain space in their target market.
Among all different assortments of business promotion, Internet Advertising is perhaps the most preferred alternative for most entrepreneurs because they comprehend; to be truly flourishing in today’s competitive business scenario, it is absolutely important to carry out some detailed online advertising.

Benefits of advertising India
If one runs a business, or is planning to start one, then it shall always be favorable to take into account advertising on the web. It will provide maximum exposure to the business at very little or no cost at all, because there are so many free advertising options available on the internet. In addition, one can also incorporate videos, appealing text and audio that can be presented in numerous ways alongside good choice of graphics.
  • Ad words: One can opt for publishing ads on ‘Google’s Adwords’ where one has to pay a little amount to every visitor who clicks on the ad consisting of maximum hundred words.
  • Adsense: While promoting own services or products on a web page, one can also allow other firms to place their ads and get paid for every click made by visitors.
Affiliate advertising India is another technique of giving links to some other business’s services or products on own web page, or one can also combine this technique in Adsense. Moreover, one can also opt for SEO along with advertising so as to gain sound web presence.
Notwithstanding web advertising, mobile advertising is also considered a useful alternative because of its immense significant advantages. With SMS Mobile Advertising, one can get:
  • Massive exposure to business
  • Rapid access to audience
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Ultimate convenience
The most important benefit is that mobile advertising is Eco friendly (paper free), and by opting for this, one can help the planet earth.
Lastly, banner advertising is also an efficient and cost effective technique of marketing services and products of a business firm. These ads give immense traffic to the site as just one mouse button click is enough to provide customers with huge information about the company’s services and products.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

How to take the unconventional Way of Brand Advertising?

Once upon a time advertisements were considered merely as a means of selling products. Their reach was limited to print media and television commercials. The world has moved forward and along with it the concept of advertisement has also gone through a sea change. Today it is considered as one of the most creative form of art work. As consumers and products have diversified, the medium of advertisement has also changed.

Some of the major channels through which today products are advertised to consumers are Mobile Advertising, Internet advertising, SMS mobile advertising, Banner advertising and online advertising.

India today has the fastest growing cellular phone market. The call rates are lower when compared to any other country of the world. The customer base is huge overpowering the fixed line connection. Needless to say that under such circumstances mobile advertising is a rage with any company. SMS, MMS and mobile websites are some of the well known mediums of mobile marketing. SMS advertisement accounts for 90% of the revenue. The reason behind the success of SMS Mobile Advertising is that people tend to check their messages as soon as they arrive; their accountability is much more than any other media which goes unnoticed.

Talking about electronic mediums of advertisement the internet is surely one preferred medium. Online advertising has many benefits over the traditional methods of advertisement. The medium of web usually surpasses the geographical boundaries of space and time. The advertisement is truly global in nature. Internet Advertising can be target audience based. Target viewers can be narrowed down to a very small niche depending upon specifications. They are relatively cheap when compared with other means of traditional advertisement

Online advertising has got many tools out of these tools Banner Advertising are particularly very popular with advertisers and customers as well. Banner ads are generally clicked through ads that lead to the parent site directly from the advertised site. Their rates depend upon their size and content. Animated banners or banners with flash or music generally costs more than the normal ads. A good design and technical specifications are very important in getting good returns from banner ads.

As India is being recognized with time, advertisers are selling along advertising India campaigns. India is a leading global market. Indian economy showing upward trends with the per capita income going up steadily, today advertising India campaigns have made Indian companies as global brands rather than simply Indian.