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Monday, October 21, 2013

Get the Most Out Of Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is the latest buzzword in Online Advertising circles. Digital Advertising can no longer be complete without the Advertising Campaigns run on the mobiles. Thus, it would be a good idea to invest in the services of a good Mobile Advertising Company. With current trends showing an ardent shift towards internet usage on mobiles, a Mobile Ad is a long term investment. Analysts all over the world have also confirmed that the increase in mobile internet usage does translate into increased online buying via the mobile. According to Comcast Corp., users clicked on the Mobile Ads at a rate 4 times higher than the desktop ads. As any good advertiser would know, ads work best where the consumers nest!
Thus, the immediate requirement of businesses is to focus their advertising resources into this new media which has opened up avenues hitherto unknown. Considering a few points will go a long way in tapping the new opportunities in the maximum possible manner.

Well Targeted Ads

One of the key areas which have seen a revolutionary change with the introduction of Advertising on Mobiles is market segmentation. It is no longer necessary to rely on the age old methods of surveys in order to determine the segments of the market. Internet Marketing had already started studying the behavior of the users and forming segments based on the frequency of the websites visited. Mobile Advertising increased the accuracy of this segmentation. Since the mobile is a personal device, the analysts can be sure that the calculations being done pertain to a single user. Better market segmentation leads to better targeted ads which in return result in better conversion rates.

Utilize New Techniques    

Advertising on Mobile opened up new techniques of getting in touch with the companies. For example, click to call and voice and key pad interactions were not feasible with desktop ads. Make sure that these techniques are utilized.

Play Smart

Utilize concepts of interstitial ads so as to avoid evoking irritation in the consumer. Flash Games, Interactive Competitions, etc. can also be used to good effects.

Even as some analysts are still apprehensive on the future of this medium, the figures are very reassuring.  Focusing on a few simple areas like the above can go a long way in getting the most out of mobile advertising.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Has Internet become a magnetic medium for Fascinating customers?

Internet is the most relied on medium of communication among individuals across the globe. Internet has also emerged as a fast growing medium of brand communication among advertisers and brand owners. Many people research on internet about various products and services before deciding on buying or adopting the product or service. There are again many people who use the internet for news and entertainment purposes. Brand owners or advertiser can easily target many potential customers through online media.
For example, Facebook has become one of the most favorite social networking sites for people from all walks of life. Advertisers have even made the most of this social networking site. It is not surprising to find out how many brand owners have so far taken the help of Facebook to network with their target customers. Search Engine Optimization is one of the methods of Web Advertising
Brand owners have realized the value of this online advertising and are heavily relying on it to promote their products among potential customers. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. are commonly used by web surfers when they are looking for a particular product or service. Those websites that are listed in the top few search results for commonly entered phrases are easily highlighted. Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming process but if implemented with the right tactics and strategies, the advertiser can have a financially rewarding benefit. 
Content Pay Per Click , Search Pay Per Click, Cost Per Impression, Cost Per View, Email marketing etc. are a few methods of internet advertising. Online Advertising offers customers a more interactive and time saving way to shop or buy and to brand owners or retailers; online media provides a more layered method of reaching out to the potential buyers. It will not be a surprising experience for advertisers or brand owners if internet advertising overtakes other means of promotion in the future.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mobile and Internet - Two Absolute Means of Advertising.

The medium or channel of advertising plays a major role while trying to position a new or existing brand in the market. Of late, two mediums of advertising are becoming chosen means of brand promotion for numerous number of brand advertisers. These two means of advertising are none other than Mobile Advertising and internet advertising media. Providing personalized promotion solutions for brand owners, mobile and internet advertising media have taken the cake amongst the various tools of brand marketing.

Considered as two customer-friendly means of communication, mobile and internet advertising media provide the brand message to receivers or customers through a personalized device such as a mobile phone or an internet accessible device. Also with mobile-internet facilities recently launched, advertisers have reaped maximum benefits through mobile and Internet Advertising Campaigns that are easily accessible by customers right in their handsets or through personal computer devices. The launch of wireless internet connection devices is also another asset of internet advertisers to communicate to customers without any reliability on any wired-internet connection. Customers who log on to a particular website can easily access the brand message that is displayed on the site. One major asset of advertising through internet media is that customers have complete controllability over the brand message. No force is exerted to read the brand message. It is their sole choice whether they read the brand message or click close button to skip reading it and resume to what they were previously doing.

A personalized and customized mode of advertising any brand message, mobile and internet advertising media are rightfully accredited as two absolute means of brand advertising. Much growth is further expected in mobile and internet advertising domain considering the burgeoning market plus the rising number of brands almost every day. For those brand owners who haven’t launched their promotion campaigns through any of these two media, they are missing out something in their marketing strategy.