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Friday, November 21, 2014

Advertise Online? Make Sure Your Content Leaves No Scope for Trolls!

Internet Advertising has a new threat. No, this threat is not from the black hats, neither is it from a new updates of the search engines. This threat comes directly from the very users which Internet Advertising target (or at least the cheeky ones). These are the very funny, very witty (but from the brand’s point of view, very unwanted) Trolls. Trolling has the capability to hit your ad so hard that it becomes a major task to proofread it against any such possibility.

A troll is any internet user who comments or modifies any posting on the internet (including ad campaigns) with an intention to cause disruption or sabotage the post. A troll usually finds loopholes in the graphics or the ad copy and wrecks havoc with slight modifications or by pointing out the discrepancy with their comments and re-tweets. The way to prevent them from doing so is to ensure that the copies and design do not resemble anything which is offensive or defeats the purpose of the campaign. Campaigns which are highly localized should also take the local anecdotes and customs into consideration. For example, an Internet Advertising Campaign, using a series of images and targeting the Middle East, should be careful as Arabic, the prevalent language there, is read from the right to left.

The trolls have increased the importance and scope of proofreading. The leading Internet Advertising Agencies take special care on this front. A trolled ad campaign often tends to be a complete disaster as it usually gains more popularity than the original ad itself.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What Were the Most Successful Methods of Internet Advertising in 2014?

Internet Advertising Agency

As the period of Internet Advertising 2014 comes to an end, let us look at the trends which have emerged the most successful. With this write-up, we continue our practice of providing periodical forays into the medium of Internet Advertising. Our aim, in discussing the most successful methods, is to present a map of performance which brands and Internet Advertising Agencies can use to evaluate the most relevant techniques for the purposes of their promotion.

2014 saw the rise of the Viral Videos. Internet Advertising took life from the static Web Banners to animations and then to full-fledged videos. In fact, the online platform was soon used as a faster and cheaper method of propagating these videos than the traditional medium of TV. The fact, that short videos could be sent to each other free of cost with the use of the internet, was amply used by the advertisers to ensure that the videos reached as far as possible. The amount of visibility gained by such viral videos has attained unprecedented levels in 2014.

PPCs formed the other area where much activity was seen this year. This platform received a major boost with Google pushing its Google AdWords SME Program where special focus was put on the convenience of the small and medium businesses. PPC's are an effective way of increasing the efficiency of your Internet Advertising budget as you pay only when the user makes a click. 

Apart from the above 2, which remained at the top of popularity, internet contests, email marketing, etc. also continued enjoying the patronage of the brands and special attention of the Internet Advertising Agencies.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Smaller Businesses in India Using Internet Advertising to Reach Audiences

Internet Advertising is now a common tool, being used by even the smaller businesses to reach their target audiences. With the users of internet having broken all socioeconomic barriers in India, Internet Advertising is an effective way of reaching various target groups. The smaller businesses are now benefiting from the use of Localized Internet Advertising which draws consumers towards their retail outlets.

Leading Internet Advertising Agencies in India state that it is encouraging to see small business enterprises actively implementing Online Advertising Campaigns in India. The utilization is not just of PPCs and map listings, but also of banners targeted at the appropriate users. Due to the lesser rates at which these campaigns can be run, Internet Advertising is highly beneficial to the smaller enterprises. The latest developments in the web technologies have enabled even a better use of the internet for promotional activities. With the implementation of personalization, Internet Ads have a higher impact at an individual level.

The ease of access and modifications and the lesser costs, compared to the other media, have made Internet Advertising in India a favorite Advertising Media in India. The Internet Advertising Service Providers, too, have welcomed the smaller business enterprises with specialized campaigns. The most important part of the ideation process is to accurately analyze and decide the target groups of the advertisers. The ads can then be targeted at the different groups of users based on the requirement. The Internet Advertising Platform also serves as a leveler as it is one of the rare mediums which can be used by brands irrespective of their sizes.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Advantage of internet advertising

Internet Advertising is the fastest growing means of marketing. An online ad campaign of a brand can be tracked and tested in many ways which is not possible in other forms of promotion. Internet Advertising in India has become a raging practice among maximum number of brand and business owners. In this blog, let us take a look at a few advantages of online advertising

A local brand can also be publicized in a global market through an online advertising campaign. Another major advantage of launching an ad campaign through online media is that it generates rich and unique content. Coupled by an attractive graphic, an online advertising display provides the targeted impact to customers. Online advertising is an ideal means for many creative professionals to implement their imaginative ideas. 

Advertisers can also make the most of  internet advertising  by targeting customers according to geographical locations, demo graphical survey or even contextually. No other advertising medium provides such flexible options of promotion like online advertising does. One of the advantages of an online advertising campaign is that advertisers can track the result of the campaign according to which they can consider of continuing or discontinuing the campaign. For example, if the campaign is not creating the targeted impact among customers, one can discontinue running it. And if otherwise, the advertiser can extend the campaign till it attracts maximum customers.

It is not surprising to know that  Online Advertising  is a flexible means of communication. A brand owner can therefore instruct the advertiser to modify or update based on the feedback received through real-time reports and also from customers. The same brand message can be improved to be presented again. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mobile and Internet - Two Absolute Means of Advertising.

The medium or channel of advertising plays a major role while trying to position a new or existing brand in the market. Of late, two mediums of advertising are becoming chosen means of brand promotion for numerous number of brand advertisers. These two means of advertising are none other than Mobile Advertising and internet advertising media. Providing personalized promotion solutions for brand owners, mobile and internet advertising media have taken the cake amongst the various tools of brand marketing.

Considered as two customer-friendly means of communication, mobile and internet advertising media provide the brand message to receivers or customers through a personalized device such as a mobile phone or an internet accessible device. Also with mobile-internet facilities recently launched, advertisers have reaped maximum benefits through mobile and Internet Advertising Campaigns that are easily accessible by customers right in their handsets or through personal computer devices. The launch of wireless internet connection devices is also another asset of internet advertisers to communicate to customers without any reliability on any wired-internet connection. Customers who log on to a particular website can easily access the brand message that is displayed on the site. One major asset of advertising through internet media is that customers have complete controllability over the brand message. No force is exerted to read the brand message. It is their sole choice whether they read the brand message or click close button to skip reading it and resume to what they were previously doing.

A personalized and customized mode of advertising any brand message, mobile and internet advertising media are rightfully accredited as two absolute means of brand advertising. Much growth is further expected in mobile and internet advertising domain considering the burgeoning market plus the rising number of brands almost every day. For those brand owners who haven’t launched their promotion campaigns through any of these two media, they are missing out something in their marketing strategy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to create a strong Brand Impact through Mobile and Internet Media?

Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising are two in-demand means of brand promotion widely adopted by brand owners and advertisers. Advertising through mobile and internet media provides a strong brand impact amongst target groups. In this blog, let us have an idea about some tactics used by Mobile and Internet Advertisers to provide effective promotion solutions for their respective brands.

Communicating the brand message through a personalized medium

A mobile phone or internet device is used by an individual as a personal medium. It is the sole choice of the individual to operate his mobile or internet device. There is no force exerted on any individual to go through the brand message. This enables the brand owner to effectively convey the brand message to customers in a personalized medium with individualistic choice whether to go through the brand message or avoid it.

Complete controllability of the campaign

A Mobile Advertising or internet advertising campaign is easily controllable by the advertiser. If the impact of the campaign is rich, the advertiser can carry on the promotion campaign; if poor he can stop it. This complete controllability of the promotion campaign is one feature of internet or mobile advertising that differentiates it from other advertising means. One can also evaluate the number of impressions or click rates during an ongoing campaign. This lets the brand owner have an idea the response from customers (for his ongoing promotion campaign)

Mobile and Internet media bring the brand closer to prospects

The uniqueness of any Mobile Advertising or internet advertising campaign is that customers and brands are brought closer in a personalized manner. Mobile or Internet Advertising campaign also provides immediacy within a short span of time. Any mobile or internet campaign also adheres to a defined budget and thus helps the brand owner to launch a cost effective promotion campaign for his product.