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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why is Mobile Advertising in India an Absolute Must in Your Branding?

Mobile Advertising India

Mobile Advertising is the most modern platform for promotional activities. This medium revolutionized personalized advertising and increased the scope of branding. Branding through Mobile Advertising comes with the potential of beginning a relationship with the audiences. When Mobile Advertising hit India, the Indian markets presented opportunities which were unique to them. These opportunities have created a situation where no branding exercise in India is complete without Mobile Advertising.

The first unique characteristic, which target-sections in India have, is the mind-boggling diversity. Nowhere in the world, can such a diverse audience be found as is found in India. Due to the diversity, it becomes very difficult to target all audience sections in India with the same campaign. The mobile platform provides the opportunity to create personalized campaigns and conversations with the audiences. This is a blessing for targeting markets in India as it increases the impact of the campaign.

The discussed media also brings the possibility of targeting a particular section at the most appropriate period of time. In a country where the average lifestyle is marked by busy times, approaching the consumer at the wrong time may be a dangerous proposition. It may irritate the consumer creating a negative brand impression. Taking up Mobile Advertising in India is a feasible way to analyze and make use of the best periods in the day to solicit to various audience segments.

Modern Indian audiences are mobile savvy in nature. With the boom in the Smartphone market in India, every income threshold has been touched by internet enabled mobiles. Mobile Advertising platform is the sole platform where the Indian audiences can be definitely reached. Leaving out Mobile Advertising from a brand’s marketing plan is thus ignoring the most reliable platform of communicating with the audiences.

India has a budding mobile industry. According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), mobile phone subscribers are growing at a rate of 6.71% and have reached 980 million users in the second quarter of 2015. Furthermore, users who access the internet through their mobiles will double from the current 159 million to 314 million by 2017. With this, the platform for accessing the internet is changing to mobiles at a very fast rate. It would be a wise move to shift the promotions of the brand accordingly.

Mobile Advertising has the most personal channels of communication with the user’s viz. internet, SMS and calls. With the ability to measure the performance of a campaign at real time, and the analysis of user mobile behavior now possible, Mobile Advertising can work wonders among the Indian audiences.