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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Focusing on Localization is the Key for Mobile Advertising Agencies India

Mobile  Advertising India

Mobile Advertising Agencies in India are rubbing their hands with glee as they are look at the astonishing growth of the internet subscribers in India. A statement released by TRAI in their latest performance indicator report said, "Total number of Internet subscribers including internet access by mobile device subscribers increased from 164.81 million at the end of March'13 to 198.39 million at the end of June'13, registering a quarterly growth of 20.37%". This rise opens up tremendous opportunities for Mobile Advertising Agencies India. Now, that they have a link to their target groups via mobile internet, strategies require a few changes, the most prominent of which is Localized Mobile Advertising.

Let us begin with an explanation of what is Localized Mobile Advertising. In simple terms, when a Mobile Ad of a retail outlet is displayed to the users who are near it at that moment, it is called Localized Mobile Advertising. Mobile Advertising Agencies in India should understand that, in India, the retail outlets still enjoy an established supremacy over the online outlets. It is for this retail sector that the growing target group of mobile internet users brings in next level of opportunities. It makes far better sense to attract the nearest consumer than to blink ads at someone who may very well have no plans to be near the outlet in the near future. Apart from bringing in the small businesses into the gambit, Localized Mobile Advertising also takes care of the growing blindness among users for the ads. Suppose you are walking by a clothing line retail outlet. Beep pops an ad on your mobile announcing the cool new ranges and discounts that the store has. That would not only grab your attention but be helpful to both you and the brand.

Keeping the discussion on the idea of monitoring of a user for another day, this technology, which makes use of global positioning systems and the internet services of the mobile network service provider, will play a major role in Mobile Advertising India (It has already done so in the developed countries). Preparing for this wave of change to hit Mobile Advertising India is the smartest thing that Mobile Advertising Agencies India can do.