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Monday, September 29, 2014

Panda 4.1 Update is Fresh Opportunity for SEO's in India

The SEO Agencies in India are in a situation of pulling up their sleeves yet again with Google rolling out the Panda 4.1 Update. It is the 27th Panda Update and is set to increase the opportunity of small and medium sized sites to rank higher. The focus, as in most of the cases, will be on the quality of content in the sites. SEO Companies in India have a special task at hand as there are numerous websites which fall in the small to medium range.

India is one of those areas in the online map, where there are new small and medium businesses entering the world of online branding every day. Panda Update 4.1 will provide these businesses a better chance to compete with their bigger competitors. The focus of the SEO's will be on Content Optimization as the filters are set to screen out poor quality and irrelevant content in a more efficient manner. This new update has been worked out with Google’s new ability to understand the user requirements better. This understanding has been worked out on the basis of user feedback received from webmaster. The roll out of the update has been started and will take about a fortnight more. SEO's need to look at the quality of the content in order to have a positive effect of the update when its roll out is completed.

Google has time and again reiterating the importance of quality content as the recommended way of ranking better. With Panda 4.1 Update, the search engine giant moves a step closer to more effective implementation of the filters.

Monday, September 15, 2014

SEO of your Videos Now Determining a Large Part of Your Visibility

Mobile and Internet Advertising
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has to constantly take the changing nature of the online industry into account for formulating its plans. With the implementation of video campaigns having become an easy procedure across all devices, they have become a very popular way of gaining visibility and promotion. Since SEO and SMO became an active part of such video implementations, viral videos have become some of the most effective ways of gaining visibility.

According to Rajan Anandan, the MD and VP of Google India, there has been a 50%+ increase in the number of online videos viewed by the online users. Another encouraging figure comes from a comScore Inc. report which states that Indian users spend an aggregate of 50 million hours per month on YouTube. Using the services of a good Best SEO Company in India ensures that the high visibility is concentrated within the relevant users. This means that the SEO Services ultimately optimize a video campaign to garner higher returns of investment. The encouraging growth in the popularity of online videos depends a lot on the SEO Services attached to it. Additional increase in the viewership of course is always welcome. But viewership of the potential consumers is what improves the sales in a short time.

TDI-MAD provides the Best SEO Services in India for viral videos, ensuring that the spread of your video happens among the relevant circles. A firm grasp on the online behavior of the Indian users and the ability to predict reactions to the video are what separate MAD from its competitors.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Contemporary Brand Owners’ Craze for Mobile and Internet Media

Mobile and Internet Advertising are poised to become the future mediums of brand promotion. Of late, various brand owners have opted and implemented their brand promotion campaigns through these two mediums of advertising. Considering the effectiveness of these two ad channels, a wide range of brand owners continuously expand their advertising expertise through mobile & internet media. Through this blog, let us have a brief look at the latest trends of brand promotion (from the context of internet and mobile advertising media).

When internet marketing rules the roost, can online/mobile advertising be far behind? Internet marketing practices are booming day by day. SEO/SMO and various other marketing practices through internet set the tone of current scenario of brand advertising. Online Advertising as a subset of internet marketing has all of a sudden become an in-demand mode of brand promotion amongst various brand owners. Besides, mobile advertising is equally becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the techno guys, who have come up with embedded web surfing facilities right through the mobile phone devices. It has become easier for brand owners to target customers through the most personalized channels of communication such as mobile phones & internet media. The brand message reaches right in the pockets of customers.

Secondly, internet and mobile media both have become two most affordable channels of launching any ad campaign. With facilities such as BULK Email and BULK SMS Services, a brand owner can target lakhs of customers through a single internet or mobile ad campaign. This cost effective attribute of internet & mobile advertising mediums of advertising make it a preferred choice for contemporary brand owners. If you are a brand owner, it’s time for you to join the league of ‘internet & mobile advertisers’ and position your brand through the most reachable, effective and personalized channels of communication. Happy Advertising!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What are the two Modern Means of Brand Advertising?

Why do brand owners advertise their brands? Obviously to generate awareness about the presence of the product and ultimately to enhance sales. The objective of every advertising campaign is to endorse the product or service of a particular company. An advertising campaign helps in creating a brand identity simultaneously serving as a successful means to keep going the communication flow. For brands that already exist in the market, advertising provides recall to customers, while for brands that are newly launched, Advertising familiarizes its image amongst the target groups and also attracts new pool of target customers. 

Advertising can be practiced through various mediums or channels. Television, radio, print, outdoor media etc are some mediums of brand promotion. Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising or online advertising are two modern means of brand promotion. Brand owners have recently shifted their attention to advertise their brands through mobile media. A subset of mobile marketing, mobile advertising is a personalized means of promoting a particular brand amongst target groups. Mobile Advertising is an advantageous practice of promotion as it provides immediacy or responsiveness to customers. Mobile phones are the personalized devices of individuals. Hence, communicating through this very device provides the targeted impact on customers. In India, Mobile Advertising is a new territory discovered few years back. Brand owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response immediately from their target customers, deploy mobile advertising campaigns. 

Internet Advertising is equally effective like mobile ads. Banner Advertising is one of the commonly practiced modes of promotion through internet media. In today’s digital world, internet advertising trends are quite in vogue. Internet advertising is advantageous as it gives the advertiser the complete control over his campaign.  Like mobile ads, internet advertising renders effectiveness and immediacy. PPC, pop-up advertising, affiliate marketing, Banner Advertising, BULK Email service etc are some common forms of online advertising.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mobile as an Advertising Media..

Who is not aware of a mobile phone in today’s world? From the rickshaw puller to the owner of a BMW car, everyone owns a mobile handset. Communication is just an SMS or call away in today’s era. Various launches of brand new mobile phones in the market (over the last few years) have created new waves even in advertising field. Mobile Advertising or brand advertising campaigns launched through mobile media is one of the happening trends in marketing. In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at how mobile phones are one of the hottest tools of brand promotion at present.

Customized brand communication

The concept of brand communication has been revamped in terms of advertising media and techniques. Of late, advertising tools are defined and customized with primary assets to provide the targeted impact on customers. Mobile media provides customized or personalized brand information to customers. Reaching out to potential customers with useful brand information, Mobile Advertising enables customers to avail of brand message on the go. For advertisers- be it a major or minor promotion campaign, mobile media is one of the effective modes of providing the brand message to potential customers.

Cost effective medium of promotion

Mobile Advertising  is usually considered as a cost effective mode of promotion. With facilities such as Bulk Sms Campaigns, it is a cost effective mode to reach out to target customers through a single campaign.

Provides rich impact on customers

A mobile phone is considered as the extension of an individual. While reading, driving, eating and even sleeping, we ensure that our mobile phones are always around us. Sometimes it is unusual to spend a whole day without a cell phone. If such is the obsession, advertising through mobile media is but a sure way of providing a rich impact on customers. With a flexible option to provide the brand message anytime of the day, Advertising through mobile media is synonymous to personalized advertising.