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Monday, August 11, 2014

SEO is The Key to High Impact Brand Visibility & Meant to be turned with Care

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the traditional way to ensure that your business is found by your core audience when they are making relevant searches. The entire procedure runs on the theory of keywords and key terms which are used by the users to make the searches. However, though the keywords play an important role in the search engine’s search for the most relevant website, there are other criteria too which are taken into consideration.

The path of modern SEO Services is one fraught with danger. A certain band of SEO's, infamous as Black Hats, have ensured that certain ways of increasing the visibility before the relevant audiences are now highly scrutinized. Let us take for example, the process of Link Building. Link Analysis has always been one of the most trusted methods for search engines to determine the quality of a website. However, Link Building has withstood so much abuse by the black hats with link buying and other unethical means of earning links, that although still important, it has become a highly dangerous endeavor. You should make it a point to beware of SEO Agencies which guarantee top spots within a week or some short duration like that.

All the major services of SEO like Link Building, Content Posting, Page Redirects, etc., are now highly specialized services, meant to be handled by experts with adequate knowledge on the subject. Look for an agency which aims for a sustained visibility rather than instant high ranks. Practicing unfair means often leads to permanent and irreparable damages and thus is a temptation that should essentially be avoided.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mobile as an Advertising Media..

Who is not aware of a mobile phone in today’s world? From the rickshaw puller to the owner of a BMW car, everyone owns a mobile handset. Communication is just an SMS or call away in today’s era. Various launches of brand new mobile phones in the market (over the last few years) have created new waves even in advertising field. Mobile Advertising or brand advertising campaigns launched through mobile media is one of the happening trends in marketing. In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at how mobile phones are one of the hottest tools of brand promotion at present.

Customized brand communication

The concept of brand communication has been revamped in terms of advertising media and techniques. Of late, advertising tools are defined and customized with primary assets to provide the targeted impact on customers. Mobile media provides customized or personalized brand information to customers. Reaching out to potential customers with useful brand information, Mobile Advertising enables customers to avail of brand message on the go. For advertisers- be it a major or minor promotion campaign, mobile media is one of the effective modes of providing the brand message to potential customers.

Cost effective medium of promotion

Mobile Advertising  is usually considered as a cost effective mode of promotion. With facilities such as Bulk Sms Campaigns, it is a cost effective mode to reach out to target customers through a single campaign.

Provides rich impact on customers

A mobile phone is considered as the extension of an individual. While reading, driving, eating and even sleeping, we ensure that our mobile phones are always around us. Sometimes it is unusual to spend a whole day without a cell phone. If such is the obsession, advertising through mobile media is but a sure way of providing a rich impact on customers. With a flexible option to provide the brand message anytime of the day, Advertising through mobile media is synonymous to personalized advertising.