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Monday, September 15, 2014

SEO of your Videos Now Determining a Large Part of Your Visibility

Mobile and Internet Advertising
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has to constantly take the changing nature of the online industry into account for formulating its plans. With the implementation of video campaigns having become an easy procedure across all devices, they have become a very popular way of gaining visibility and promotion. Since SEO and SMO became an active part of such video implementations, viral videos have become some of the most effective ways of gaining visibility.

According to Rajan Anandan, the MD and VP of Google India, there has been a 50%+ increase in the number of online videos viewed by the online users. Another encouraging figure comes from a comScore Inc. report which states that Indian users spend an aggregate of 50 million hours per month on YouTube. Using the services of a good Best SEO Company in India ensures that the high visibility is concentrated within the relevant users. This means that the SEO Services ultimately optimize a video campaign to garner higher returns of investment. The encouraging growth in the popularity of online videos depends a lot on the SEO Services attached to it. Additional increase in the viewership of course is always welcome. But viewership of the potential consumers is what improves the sales in a short time.

TDI-MAD provides the Best SEO Services in India for viral videos, ensuring that the spread of your video happens among the relevant circles. A firm grasp on the online behavior of the Indian users and the ability to predict reactions to the video are what separate MAD from its competitors.

Monday, August 11, 2014

SEO is The Key to High Impact Brand Visibility & Meant to be turned with Care

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the traditional way to ensure that your business is found by your core audience when they are making relevant searches. The entire procedure runs on the theory of keywords and key terms which are used by the users to make the searches. However, though the keywords play an important role in the search engine’s search for the most relevant website, there are other criteria too which are taken into consideration.

The path of modern SEO Services is one fraught with danger. A certain band of SEO's, infamous as Black Hats, have ensured that certain ways of increasing the visibility before the relevant audiences are now highly scrutinized. Let us take for example, the process of Link Building. Link Analysis has always been one of the most trusted methods for search engines to determine the quality of a website. However, Link Building has withstood so much abuse by the black hats with link buying and other unethical means of earning links, that although still important, it has become a highly dangerous endeavor. You should make it a point to beware of SEO Agencies which guarantee top spots within a week or some short duration like that.

All the major services of SEO like Link Building, Content Posting, Page Redirects, etc., are now highly specialized services, meant to be handled by experts with adequate knowledge on the subject. Look for an agency which aims for a sustained visibility rather than instant high ranks. Practicing unfair means often leads to permanent and irreparable damages and thus is a temptation that should essentially be avoided.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SEO Needs to Take Into Consideration the Customized Search Results

One of biggest ways that Search Engine Results have changed is the Customized Search Results. This specially comes into play when the user is logged-in to a particular profile. For example, if a user is logged into his Gmail account, then the search results will depend a lot on the previous searches made with that login. The same applies with Yahoo and other major accounts. The variation is so intense that SEO Personnel need to consider this in their optimization strategies in order to ensure that visibility is not lost.

Most of the online users prefer to remain logged in while spending their time online. This is especially true of the interactive users, as a logged-in account is necessary to interact on most of the platforms. Since such active users form the prized audiences for SEO, what they see in their search results cannot be overlooked. One of the most fruitful techniques that SEO professionals employ to tackle Customized Search Results is by maintaining an active Google+ profile. This is because, it has been found that searches, made while logged-in to Google, throw result pages that are dominated by posts from Google+. In fact, the first page includes posts from users that you follow on Google+, if they contain content that matches the query. Thus, more the followers your brand’s Google+ profile page has, better is its chance of appearing in Personalized Search Results.

Since Google rules the roost among the search engines, ensuring an active Google+ page takes care of a large share of online target audiences. However, any SEO worth his salt knows the perils of putting all the eggs in the same basket. Similar steps should be taken to feature in the other prominent Search Engines as well.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Building Conversations is the New SEO Mantra

One of the newest techniques, to which SEO Services or Search Engine Optimization Services are moving, is building conversations with the readers. This includes, but is not limited to, the comments that follow a blog post or any other write-up. The tone of the write-ups itself is changing from a straight tone of a one way channel of information to one which is conversational in nature. The conversational tone helps build a relationship between the write-up and the readers, which leads them to feel involved.

It is true that the traditional process of earning business has been a very straightforward exercise. The user searches with keywords, finds a write-up that provides relevant information. If his queries are satisfactorily answered in the blog, he often goes ahead to do business, leading to the sales conversion. However, with the number of write-ups that are available on the internet now, it is no longer possible to read everything that can be found. Internet readers notoriously brought the term “skim reading” in vogue. It is thus, not just the businesses that compete with each other for attention, but the related contents also compete for the readers’ attention. A conversational tone immediately raises the interest of the readers and is more successful in catching their attention.

The Search Engines also see user engagement as an important way of judging the quality of the write-up. The user engagement is most commonly measured by the comments, likes, and number of shares and they are taken into consideration while ranking the page too. SEO Experts now make optimum use of the comments section. Prompt replies, further points and counterpoints are used effectively to start and retain user interest. Apart from the part they play in SEO, such conversations also bring newer viewpoints and facts into the equation and increase the efficiency of the write-up.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Steps for Small Businesses to Reap the Benefits of Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Online Advertising being absolutely necessary for small businesses is not a new theory. There have been plenty of deliberations on how an online presence is a must for small advertisers. However, it has been observed that even though small businesses do invest in Online Advertising Campaigns, they are also quick to pull out. So, what goes wrong? Is the necessity of Online Advertising for small businesses over hyped or aren’t the campaigns implemented properly. Most of the small businesses that pulled out of or stopped investing in Online Advertising Campaigns mentioned that the results were not visible. Even when the brands did come up in the searches, it did not convert into an increase in sales. In this write up, we put down the sequence of steps in which small businesses should be Advertised Online so that the online visibility converts into sales and the results can be seen.

Work on Creating Awareness with Visibility

Experts of the PPC (Per per Click), in the enthusiasm of promoting their services, have been eloquent about the advantages of PPC over the other models of Online Advertising Services. Thus, small businesses often start with PPC. The problem occurs when competitors with a higher brand value appear along with them in the searches and simply outweigh them in impact. Suppose a user searches for shoes and the search engine throws results containing both bigger brands and smaller businesses. There is a higher likelihood that the user will click on the brand he has seen before. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in Online Banner Advertising first and then go for PPC. Promoting the website of your small business through SEO Services and SMO Services also helps establish the brand name of the small business.

Advertise Locally

Small Businesses derive their maximum sales locally. It is thus very important to target the Online Ads at the local users. It is also important to get your small business listed in Google Maps as there has been a significant increase in users searching for restaurants, shops, etc. via the internet. Local Online Ads effectively guide the nearest consumers to your business.

Widen Your Target Area

Once the brand name has been established and local consumers established, it is time to widen the target area. This can be done with Email Marketing and PPC. PPC provides a lengthier presence on the internet and is also more cost effective.

Using the various forms of Online Advertising in their correct sequence is vital for a small business to reap the benefits of Online Marketing. Top Online Advertising Agencies in India like Tdi-Mad Advertising provide strategic support and solutions for the specific needs of Small Business Online Advertising.