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Monday, December 8, 2014

Latest SEO News - Google Admits That Mobile Optimization is a Big Ranking Factor

Google has recently admitted that if your website is optimized for the mobile, it will boast its chances of ranking high. Coming as a respite to all SEO Agencies, this is one of those rare occasions in recent times when there has been a clear guideline. While Google, in its attempts to maintain a high quality in search results, cannot be too revealing in the way the algorithms work, the world of Professional SEO Services is often left in uncertain waters.

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, however, said that sites which are mobile friendly will get a “Mobile Friendly” tag while they are listed in the mobile SERP. This will attract more visitors, as users, who are skeptical about zooming or scrolling on their mobiles, will selectively click only on those sites. We already know that high click-through rates, through organic searches, positively affect the ranking of the site. Thus, a mobile friendly site will earn it a tag from Google, which will increase its traffic, and which in turn, will improve its ranking. Mobile optimization is also important as we are looking at a very strong probability that mobiles will soon become the primary way of being online.

As a beginning step, you can Test whether your site is mobile optimized or not. If the result is negative, it is highly advisable to call an SEO Company to learn about the fastest way of optimizing your site for the mobile. SEO requires a dedicated approach and unless you have a good knowledge on the subject and time to stay adrift of the latest updates, hiring a provider of Affordable SEO Services is always the safer bet.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2 Primary Ways of Increasing SEO Performance

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous process and one which requires fast changes at regular intervals. However, 2 of the primary ways, which can be considered the foundations of Finest SEO Services, still hold importance. These 2 ways involve targeting the convenience of the 1. User and 2. the Search Engine Bots.

The Best SEO Companies know that targeting the convenience of the user is of far more priority than targeting the bots. A page which is created for the user, aided by links which bring in the relevant users, will bring in large volumes of traffic, thereby improving the rankings of the websites. Though this process is time consuming, it is still a vital step for long term SEO Solutions. A website, which cannot be read easily by a user or cannot provide the solutions to the user’s original inquiry, will soon become a deserted ghost town. Retaining top spots in the SERP for long, just on the basis of the other tactics, without the aid of a healthy number of visitors, is not a feasible task.

The next area, which should get the attention of the SEO, is the On-page SEO. These involve the coding of the website which is read by the search engine bots during crawling. Making sure, that the targeted keywords are captured by the bots, holds significance for a high performance in SEO. A keen observation of the latest happenings in the industry is a must for any SEO Agency looking to provide Top SEO Services to its clients.

Now, since the convenience of the user is also the primary target of the search engines, some may argue that both are one and the same. However, the recent fiasco, in the case of “content in the tabular format” has shown that, both them can be as different as chalk and cheese. Google has recently stated that the content in the tabs, which is not visible by default, may not be considered by the bots. This means that though the tabular format may be more organized for the user, the bots may still leave it untouched. The Top SEO Agencies know how to maintain the balance between the convenience of both the users and the bots.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Panda 4.1 Update is Fresh Opportunity for SEO's in India

The SEO Agencies in India are in a situation of pulling up their sleeves yet again with Google rolling out the Panda 4.1 Update. It is the 27th Panda Update and is set to increase the opportunity of small and medium sized sites to rank higher. The focus, as in most of the cases, will be on the quality of content in the sites. SEO Companies in India have a special task at hand as there are numerous websites which fall in the small to medium range.

India is one of those areas in the online map, where there are new small and medium businesses entering the world of online branding every day. Panda Update 4.1 will provide these businesses a better chance to compete with their bigger competitors. The focus of the SEO's will be on Content Optimization as the filters are set to screen out poor quality and irrelevant content in a more efficient manner. This new update has been worked out with Google’s new ability to understand the user requirements better. This understanding has been worked out on the basis of user feedback received from webmaster. The roll out of the update has been started and will take about a fortnight more. SEO's need to look at the quality of the content in order to have a positive effect of the update when its roll out is completed.

Google has time and again reiterating the importance of quality content as the recommended way of ranking better. With Panda 4.1 Update, the search engine giant moves a step closer to more effective implementation of the filters.

Monday, September 15, 2014

SEO of your Videos Now Determining a Large Part of Your Visibility

Mobile and Internet Advertising
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has to constantly take the changing nature of the online industry into account for formulating its plans. With the implementation of video campaigns having become an easy procedure across all devices, they have become a very popular way of gaining visibility and promotion. Since SEO and SMO became an active part of such video implementations, viral videos have become some of the most effective ways of gaining visibility.

According to Rajan Anandan, the MD and VP of Google India, there has been a 50%+ increase in the number of online videos viewed by the online users. Another encouraging figure comes from a comScore Inc. report which states that Indian users spend an aggregate of 50 million hours per month on YouTube. Using the services of a good Best SEO Company in India ensures that the high visibility is concentrated within the relevant users. This means that the SEO Services ultimately optimize a video campaign to garner higher returns of investment. The encouraging growth in the popularity of online videos depends a lot on the SEO Services attached to it. Additional increase in the viewership of course is always welcome. But viewership of the potential consumers is what improves the sales in a short time.

TDI-MAD provides the Best SEO Services in India for viral videos, ensuring that the spread of your video happens among the relevant circles. A firm grasp on the online behavior of the Indian users and the ability to predict reactions to the video are what separate MAD from its competitors.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Google AdWords “Close Variant Keyword Matching” Puts up Challenge for SEO

SEO Service Providers are now faced with a new challenge with Google AdWords announcing its Close Variant Keyword Matching. What it means from the functional point of view is that the ability to target exact keywords won’t be there in AdWords PPC campaigns. Google’s intention is to include even those cases where the user has misspelled the keyword or used a different way of expressing. But this also means SEO's can no longer get as much information about keywords as they used to from AdWords.

PPC's, due to their nature of being direct queries, have traditionally been used by SEO Companies for analyzing the primary keywords to be targeted. Now, we may never know how many of the clicks came from exact keywords and how many from close variants. One of the ways SEO Companies in India is tackling this problem is using Google suggestions in deciding which keywords to target. Also, this change by Google, although it has raised challenges for SEO's, may actually be a blessing in disguise for the SEO Services in India. One of the vital differences, which the Indian markets has, is the presence of wide ranges of target audiences. In addition to this, English is not the first language for most of them. Both these factors lead to situations where a keyword is used in a variety of ways by the user to search for the same product or service. Including close matches may actually help as we shall now cover a wider range of audiences.

MAD Advertising, one of the providers of Best SEO Services in India, is also focusing on the long tail keywords more than the traditional ones. When the fishing grounds have increased, it is always a good idea to prepare the net for a wide variety of fish.