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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Smartphones Play a Major Role in Digital Marketing India

Digital Advertising Company India
Digital Marketing in India has been influenced to a great extent by the unprecedented rise in the sales of smartphones. The figures reached a staggering 12.8 million, at a growth rate of 229% year-on-year, in the third quarter of 2013. The Digital Marketing Agencies in India duly stood up and made the necessary changes in their strategies. The results also put an end to the long standing debate on importance of Mobile Digital Marketing. Those who had opined that the growing importance of mobile phones, in the realms where Digital Marketing Techniques are formulated, was just a fluke and would not sustain, have been left eating their words.

The ways in which smartphones affect Digital Marketing are many in number. To begin with, the users have shifted to their smartphones for all sorts of communications including emails and sharing of files. The latest smartphones can effectively carry out practically all the functions of a desktop. Thus, the users prefer to carry them out from the conveniences of a smartphone. From the point of view of advertising, leaving the mobile users out of targeting is to completely leave out a major chunk of the consumers. The hopes of targeting a mobile user when he uses his desktop have been shattered as that may never happen. The smartphones, being faithful companions, also provides a huge opportunity of targeting the user at any time and at any place. Some of the latest ways in which Mobile Digital Advertising Agencies target smartphone users include campaigns embedded in games, applications, and value added services. Embedding Digital Advertisements in the applications is hugely gaining grounds as it is a non-interruptive way posting high impact campaigns.  

Thus, to begin with, the most important thing for any business to do (if not done already) is to make its website mobile compatible. Though it is true that that most smartphones are now capable of loading even the full websites, strategizing in these lines would not be an inclusive policy. At a time when competition on the Digital Advertising turf is no less than a full-fledged war, sidelining even one segment of potential consumers can translate into huge losses for businesses. Once the website (especially the landing pages) has been optimized for smartphones, the next step would be to hire an able Digital Advertising Agency with the ability to pay special attention to the requirements of mobile advertising.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Advertisers Convey the Product Gyan to Customers?

The main purpose of an advertising campaign is to convey or deliver the product gyan to those customers who have spending ability to purchase the advertised product or brand (if at all they are convinced or persuaded by the ad message). To existing customers, the product gyan will be delivered as additional information to what they already know or understand about the brand. However, for new customers the product gyan is the first source to extract an idea about the brand, its usages, features or benefits. An advertising activity educates the customers to a great extent about the product and its plus points.

Advertisers use various tools and techniques to convey the product gyan to customers. Some advertisers adopt home based tools of advertising such as television, radio, print media, internet etc, some use out of home tools of brand advertising such as billboards, posters, electronic kiosks, transit displays etc. There are again some sections of advertisers who advertise their brands through customized modes of promotion such as mobile phone devices, internet media etc. A plethora of choice in terms of media vehicle is not a big concern. As long as the brand message is delivered to customers, any means of advertising can be adopted for the promotion purpose of the brand.

In terms of techniques, advertisers are not limited to use a single technique of brand advertising. It is authentic to use any technique of Advertising if the very technique gels with the features or benefits of the brand. The only concern which advertisers should keep in mind is to launch the promotion campaign with an innovative approach. Yes, the brand communication should be themed upon an innovation so that customers find something new or different in the advertised brand. Presenting the same brand advertising idea or concept over and again to customers may probably result to boredom for the customers. A different idea of brand promotion framed as a sparkling brand communication and launched through an interactive media vehicle, that’s how a real ad campaign is launched.