Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Transformation in brand advertising through internet & mobile media

Brand Advertising through internet and mobile media has become a fast emerging mode of promotion. Modern brand owners spend heavily to launch various promotion campaigns through internet and mobile media. With an enormous digital revolution, trends of brand advertising have already evolved from the conventional norms. The launch of internet advertising and mobile advertising practices is yet another exclusive opportunity for brand owners and advertisers to provide a strong appeal about their brands amongst customers.  In the following paragraphs, let us have a brief idea how mobile and internet advertising mediums are highly in demand in the market. 

By Internet Advertising , we usually refer to any form of brand promotion that is implemented through the web world. Banner ads and PPC ads are two common forms of internet advertising. These two practices are widely deployed by various online advertising agencies to promote their client’s service or product amongst target groups. Internet advertising media is going to boom further and brand advertisers are going to highly benefit from this medium of advertising in the near future.  Content Advertising, Pay for inclusion, pay per call, pop up ads, SEO, affiliate marketing etc. are some other forms of internet advertising practices used by brand owners/advertisers. 

Mobile Advertising is a subset of mobile marketing. Any form of brand promotion that is made available through a mobile phone device comes under mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is considered one of the fast growing mediums of advertising as it provides brand messages to customers on the go. One can avail of the brand message wherever he or she is. Mobile advertising has also one added advantage over internet advertising. Customers may or may not visit a particular website and find details about a brand. However, mobile phones are the most personalized extension of any individual. Conveying the brand message through mobile media is a surest mode of advertising. Mobile phones are widely used by everyone that has made this advertising media a more effective medium of launching any promotion campaign of a product, service or business. Mobile SMS Advertising is one of the effective tools used by mobile advertisers. Low cost in nature, Mobile SMS Advertising reaches out to maximum number of customers within a minimum amount of time. Mobile SMS Advertising is infact becoming one of the hottest means of brand promotion at present.  With more than 270 million mobile users in the country, India is becoming one of the fast emerging markets for mobile advertisers. The budding numbers of various mobile advertising agencies are evident of the popularity of this medium of advertising.

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