Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Evolution of Mobile Advertising in India

Mobile Advertising has found one of its strongest footholds among the audiences in India. Mobile companies and networks have penetrated even the deep pockets of the rural areas in India. Brands soon realized the opportunities which the medium could present in terms of audience coverage and hence the era of Mobile Advertising in India started. Upgrades in telecom technology resulted in the addition of a variety of other tasks which can be performed with phones, thereby further increasing the scope of Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Advertising India by TdiMad
Mobile Advertising Agencies and their clients jumped at the opportunities, resulting in the situation that the platform has continuously changed and frequently too, in the past years. Mobile Advertising began in the form of promotional text messages and calls to the users. But without the relevant technologies, there were often no ways of filtering out the recipients to ensure that only the most relevant audiences were targeted. The ability, to target the appropriate target group, was one of the best things which happened with the improvement of technology. And it is only better for the medium that the accuracy of targeting is getting better and better. With this ability, another important feather, which was added to the capacities of Mobile Advertising, is the personalization of the campaigns.

The beginning of mobile internet was another trendsetting step which resulted in massive changes in the functioning of the Mobile Advertising platform. With mobile users being hooked on to online videos and games, in-stream and embedded banner ads have become the order of the day. In the current scheme of things, a lot of methods like contest hosting, subscription-based-alerts, Bluetooth ads, etc. are being used to target audiences straight on their mobiles. If your brand is unknown to the benefits of the platform, contact a Mobile Advertising Agency to see what it has been missing.

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