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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Evolution of Mobile Advertising in India

Mobile Advertising has found one of its strongest footholds among the audiences in India. Mobile companies and networks have penetrated even the deep pockets of the rural areas in India. Brands soon realized the opportunities which the medium could present in terms of audience coverage and hence the era of Mobile Advertising in India started. Upgrades in telecom technology resulted in the addition of a variety of other tasks which can be performed with phones, thereby further increasing the scope of Mobile Advertising.

Mobile Advertising India by TdiMad
Mobile Advertising Agencies and their clients jumped at the opportunities, resulting in the situation that the platform has continuously changed and frequently too, in the past years. Mobile Advertising began in the form of promotional text messages and calls to the users. But without the relevant technologies, there were often no ways of filtering out the recipients to ensure that only the most relevant audiences were targeted. The ability, to target the appropriate target group, was one of the best things which happened with the improvement of technology. And it is only better for the medium that the accuracy of targeting is getting better and better. With this ability, another important feather, which was added to the capacities of Mobile Advertising, is the personalization of the campaigns.

The beginning of mobile internet was another trendsetting step which resulted in massive changes in the functioning of the Mobile Advertising platform. With mobile users being hooked on to online videos and games, in-stream and embedded banner ads have become the order of the day. In the current scheme of things, a lot of methods like contest hosting, subscription-based-alerts, Bluetooth ads, etc. are being used to target audiences straight on their mobiles. If your brand is unknown to the benefits of the platform, contact a Mobile Advertising Agency to see what it has been missing.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Synchronized Devices Make Mobile Advertising the Top Promotional Media

There are many reasons why your brand’s presence in Mobile Advertising is a must. One of the strongest reasons, which make the mobile platform the best place for putting up your brand message, is the phenomenon of device synchronization. Modern technology can smartly analyze all the devices which a user is using. Since the mobile is the closest device to a user, it allows for maximum impact.

What is Device Synchronization?

The desktop, laptop, tablet, PC, and mobile are the most popular devices used by a modern user. Before synchronization, different types of online ads would have to target the same user over all the devices used by him. However, the modern operating systems of mobiles have the capability of synchronizing the various applications and storage's of the all the devices. This is most commonly done by using a common email id to log into all the devices. At the functional level, this means the user can access any file in any of the devices from any of the other synchronized devices. This significantly increases the usage time of the mobiles. Since the user can practically access all his files from his mobile itself, the rest of the devices are used only for very specific tasks. Thus, the mobile automatically becomes the best platform to target him.

Mobile Advertising also allows targeting through game embedding, voice marketing and much more. The mobile is the most definite medium where you can target your consumer. Associate with a Mobile Advertising Agency to use the most accurate form of modern advertising.   

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Use the Latest Trends – Upgrade to Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising India

Still struggling with the conventional methods of promoting your business? It is time your marketing techniques took a leap into the future and explored the benefits of Mobile Advertising. Utilizing the latest trends, for promoting your brand, earns extra branding points. Upgrade your advertising to Mobile Advertising for being on the latest medium of promotional campaigns.

When the technology to reach straight to the users exists, it is best to use it. Mobile Advertising brings in opportunities like mobile banner, gaming, contest hosting, subscription based alerts, embedding, and much more. If advertising is considered a bridge between the consumer and the brand, there are hardly any mediums which can do this job better than the Mobile Advertising Platform. The strengths of the medium received a huge boast when the facilities of high speed internet became available on the mobiles. Once uninterrupted online streaming of videos became possible on mobiles, sky became the limit for innovation in Mobile Advertising.

Though the Mobile Media can now handle even complete movies, any video or audio ads executed in the mobile platform should be kept as short and direct as possible. This is so that video ads, especially those that are embedded, do not outplay the duration for which they are meant to cover the small breaks in the primary tasks of the user.

Staying with the latest trends is also important in every business sector as the target audiences usually do not display empathy for brands which cannot march with the times. So, take the dip in the ocean of opportunities made possible by Mobile Advertising – Stay updated.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mobile Advertising Drives Searches for Local Businesses

An analysis of the Keyword Planner reveals that the searches for local businesses on mobile devices exceed the searches on desktops. When users search for entities around them, 85.6% of them make the searches on mobiles. The share increases to a huge 99.5% if the users desire to be navigated to the nearest outlet, followed by the search. This is due to the smart integration of the Search Engines with their navigation systems. This is where Mobile Advertising becomes an important requirement for your business.

Advertising your local business on the Mobile Platform also results in rich conversion rates. Google reports that information for location is searched by 94% of smartphone users and 17% of such searches result in a visit. Thus, businesses, like restaurants, banks, retail outlets, etc., which rely heavily on the local consumers bases, cannot ignore the prospects of Mobile Advertising. Your Local Business is losing a major chunk of high potential clients if its presence on the Mobile Platform is not being optimized with Mobile Ads.

Another interesting point, to note, is the low rate of searches made on tablet PCs. Even in the cases where the maximum search traffic is derived from the Mobile Platform, the second rank is held by the desktop. In fact, the contribution of the Tablet PCs is negligible in this regard. With this failure of promoting the Tablet PCs as a bigger form of the smartphones, the intended target, of being able to load even the full websites and banners in a handheld device, has also failed. Thus, special attention has to be paid to Customize Mobile Ads, keeping in mind the special requirements of the medium. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Impress Your Target Group on the Go with Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising by its very nature of using mobile phones becomes the most personal form of advertising. The ability to deliver user based Mobile Ads straight to his mobile phone presents numerous opportunities for high impact ads. Mobile Advertising takes the meaning of customized ads to a whole new level. The use of internet on the mobile phones has further expanded the scope of the medium by leaps and bounds.

Mobile Advertising started in the form of promotional SMS, Voice Calls, and Subscription Based Alerts. With the development of mobile phones capable of internet usage, Banner Ads are also possible now. The fast rate at which mobiles are increasingly becoming the preferred device for Banner Ads has inspired the advertising world to pay special attention to the medium. Advertising on the mobiles allows a few advantages which cannot be found in any other medium. One of the most talked about feature is the click/touch to call. Once the user gets interested in the ad, he can call the advertiser straight by clicking on the designated tab. Marketers around the world would agree that it is much easier to convince a potential consumer on the phone. Mobile Ads thus have the opportunity of not only creating a lead but immediately converting the lead into a call.

Mobile Ads can be customized to fit the requirements of the user to a T. The impact and the effectiveness of a Mobile Ad are thus greater than the other ads. Additionally, due to the mobile phone being constantly with the user, the visibility of the ads is also higher. Targeting is possible not only based on the user’s online behavior but also on the basis of his location. Localized Mobile Advertising is creating ripples in the marketing world. Restaurants, Retail Outlets, etc. can attract an approaching user with discounts via ads sent to his mobile. Associate with Tdi-Mad Advertising to join the growing base of brands utilizing Mobile Advertising. Call us today at +91 11 4253 4300.