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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Google+ Page Optimization is a High Priority of SEO / SMO Task Now.

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Google’s recent tweaks to the Google+ pages have made them an important platform from the point of view of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization). Google is engaged in noteworthy efforts to increase user activity in their Google+ pages. Two of the major roll outs which were announced this year were the integration of the Google Map business listings and Google+ pages and the release of Google Insights. Both these factors will increase the importance of the platform for the SEO Professionals.

Google Map’s business listings usually enjoy high visibility in the SERPs. Integration, with the Google+ profile, means additional visibility among the circles. Another area which helps is the facility of writing reviews on the business page. Thus, optimizing, a business’ Google+ page, means providing the user with the consumer reviews also. A study, of the online behavior of the users, suggests that after seeing the online avatar of the business, users often search for reviews. This often leads them to a different page and inversely affects the chances of conversion. Google+, on the other hand, allows these reviews to be written and posted on the business page itself.

The second roll out, although done very recently, holds a lot of promises from the point of view of analysis and targeting. Google Insights will allow the owner of a page to have access to a detailed report on the number of visitors to the page, number of followers, etc. The segmentation is done on the basis of visibility, engagement, and audience. The visibility section shows the total number of visits garnered by the page, the engagement shows the number of received +1s, shares, comments, etc., and the audience provides the demographic features of the visitors.

An optimized Google+ page of your business provides one of the best ways of featuring prominently in the results of relevant searches. Google’s rapid introduction, of tools like the above, has further increased the importance of Google+ Business Pages from the SEO perspective.        

Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Does the Panda 4.0 update mean for SEO?

SEO's spent a restless last week of the month of May, 2014. Even as Google was preparing to launch Panda 4.0, a few of the prominent sites had already begun witnessing huge decline in visibility and traffic. Although this may have been due to the release of spam algorithm version 2.0, the launch of Panda 4.0 continued the loss of visibility for prominent sites.

As Google’s Matt Cuts had previously mentioned about the upcoming changes, this update maybe specific to certain keywords. Google had received complaints regarding a few keywords that particularly attracted spam. Thus, this update was in the pipeline for some time now. Though the exact manner in which the updates resulted in the lowering of visibility is still unclear, Google had declared that about 7.5% of English queries will be impacted by this update. Going by the percentage, Panda 4.0 will have the highest impact among all the Panda updates. Thus, it is time, once again, for SEO Agencies and SEO Professionals to put themselves on hot seats.

Let us start with what we know. It is seen that the Press Release sites have taken the first hits in the largest volumes. Not many are complaining about this as such sites have become infamous for becoming hubs for spam links. What it means, for the SEO's, is they have to now take extra care while posting content to the Press Release sites. It can no longer be “post it anywhere you can”. SEO Professionals will now have to put Press Release sites through careful scrutiny before hitting the post button.

The SEO Agencies should also be ready for more changes as and when more effects emerge. What they should also remember, is that a quality website with quality content is the only characteristic that will remain untouched by these changes. For all the other factors, the game of cat and mouse will continue.